Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, September 2017

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Editorial : A View from a High City / James C. Peterson. p. 129
Articles : Science and Christianity Conflicts: Real and Contrived / Pablo de Felipe and Malcolm A. Jeeves. p. 131
Articles : Order from Chaos / Scott Bonham. p. 149
Articles : The Evolution of Creation Science, Part 3: Natural Selection and Convergent Evolution / Philip J. Senter. p. 159
Book Reviews : Creation Ethics: Reproduction, Genetics, and Quality of Life by David DeGrazia / Rebecca Gritters. p. 185
Book Reviews : Debating Darwin by Robert J. Richards and Michael Ruse / Ralph Stearley. p. 186
Book Reviews : Fashion, Faith, and Fantasy in the New Physics of the Universe by Roger Penrose / Steven Ball. p. 187
Book Reviews : Thinking Fair: Rules for Reason in Science and Religion by Lucas John Mix / Randy Isaac. p. 190
Book Reviews : Networked Theology: Negotiating Faith in Digital Culture Heidi A. Campbell and Stephen Garner / Thomas VanDrunen. p. 191

Editor: James C. Peterson

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