Answers Magazine, September-October 2017

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Editor’s Note : Speak Up / Mike Matthews. p. 10
In the Beginning : The Reformation’s Renewed Relevance / Ken Ham. p. 12
Let There Be Truth (cartoon strip) / Dan Lietha. p. 13
Creation Basics : The Dilemma of Death / Terry Mortenson. p. 15
Creation Basics : Why Is Creation Such a Big Deal? p. 17
Creation On Display : Prepared for Perpetual Flight: Frigatebird / Donna O’Daniel. p. 19
Creation On Display : Shark Design. p. 22
Creation On Display : The Great Veggie Burglar / Gordon Wilson. p. 24
Creation On Display : The Good Side of Fat / Elizabeth Mitchell. p. 26
Science in Perspectives : Beauty for Beauty’s Sake; Young Early Man; Biblical Geologist Wins Legal Battle; Puppy Slobber Is Good for You; The First Wave of American Immigrants; Stony Dragon. p. 27
Science in Perspectives : Rare Reminders of a Lost World / Andrew A. Snelling. p. 34
Science in Perspectives : Redrawing the Dinosaur Family Tree / Neal Doran. p. 38
Science in Perspectives : Solar System out of Spinning Gas? p. 40
Bible and Culture : A New Form of Child Abuse; Record-Low Belief; Baby Face; Fired Over Scripture. p. 43
Bible and Culture : Have We Found Sodom? / Mike Matthews. p. 46
Bible and Culture : A Key to Evangelism–Knowing Your Audience / Ray Comfort. p. 50
Bible and Culture : Can We Really Do All Thing Through Christ? / Todd Friel. 52
Journey Home / John Upchurch. p. 54
Time for a New Reformation / Mark A. Snoeberger, art by Chris Neville. p. 62
No Ordinary Moon / Danny Faulkner. p. 70
Speak Up : An Astronaut’s Perspective on Creation; Teaching Science Biblically. p. 78
Creation Every Day : Changing Colors. p. 82

Includes: 8 page Kids Answers : Migration Hall of Fame! foldout, Vol. 12, No. 5, September-October 2017.

Editor in Chief: Michael Matthews; Executive Editor: Doug Rumminger.

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