Design Science Association Newsletter, December 2014

aiglibr212Design Science Association Newsletter, December 2014, monthly, free download, $15 for individual voting membership, 4 pages.


Design Science Association, PMB 218, 465 NE 181st Ave, Portland, OR 97230.

Table of Contents:
UFOs, Aliens & the Bible / Tim Hoyle p. 1.
God of Wonders Winter Cards Available. p. 2
Holidays are here! (books for sale). p. 3.
Special Christmas Goodies and Music. p. 4.
Beginning Microscopy: Dec. 12. p. 4.

Current issue

Acts & Facts, December 2014

aiglibr211Acts & Facts, Vol. 43, No. 12, December 2014, monthly, free. 24 pages.

Executive editor: Jayme Durant.

Institute for Creation Research, PO Box 59029, Dallas, TX 75229. Website.

Table of contents
From the Editor : The Gift of God’s Presence / Jayme Durant. p. 4.
God With Us / Henry M. Morris. p. 5.
Events : December 2014. p. 8.
BioORIGINS PROJECT UPDATE : Purpose, Progress, and Promise, Part 3 / Nathaniel T. Jeanson. p. 9.
Impact : The Noble Clock: the Potassium-Argon Dating Method, Radioactive Dating, Part 3 / Vernon R. Cupps. p. 10.
Back to Genesis : A Recent Origin of Stonehenge? / Brian Thomas. p. 14.
Back to Genesis : Fountains of the Deep / Tim Clarey. p. 15.
Back to Genesis : Rockslides on Ararat / John D. Morris. p. 17.
Creation Q & A : Are Animals the Result of Natural Processes or Creation? / Frank Sherwin. p. 18.
Apologetics : Job’s Icy Vocabulary / James J.S. Johnson. p. 19.
Stewardship : God’s Perfect Gift / Henry M. Morris, IV. p. 20.
Letters to the Editor. p. 21.
Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis: the Conference. p. 22.

pdf of issue

Creation Science Dialogue, November 2014

aiglibr208Creation Science Dialogue, Vol. 41, No. 3, November 2014, quarterly, $8, 8 pages. ISSN: 0229-253X,

Editor: Margaret Helder.

Creation Science Association of Alberta, 5328 Calgary Trail, Suite 1136, Edmonton, Alberta, T6H 4J8, Canada. Website.

Table of contents
Animals Secrets from High Tech Espionage / Margaret Helder. p. 1.
The Venus Flytrap: a Major Enigma for Evolution / Jerry Bergman. p. 1.
Elementary My Dear Readers. p. 3.
Where Did They All Come From? / Margaret Helder. p. 4.

Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, December 2014

Perspectives on Science & Christian FaithPerspectives on Science and Christian Faith, Vol. 66, No. 4, December 2014, quarterly, free after 2 issue embargo, available by subscription $50 year or membership $85, 68 pages. ISSN: 0892-2675.

Editor: James C. Peterson

American Scientific Affiliation, P.O. Box 668, Ipswich, MA 01938.

Table of Contents

Editorial : Perfection Is Elusive / James C. Peterson. p. 193.
New Findings in Environmental Science and Their Implications for Christians / Dorothy Boorse. p. 194.
Marine Capture Fisheries—A Call to Action in Response to Limits, Unintended Consequences, and Ethics / Robert D. Sluka and Paul Simonin. p. 203.
Geoengineering or Planet Hacking? / M. A. Srokosz. p. 213.
Reconciliation Ecology: A New Paradigm for Advancing Creation Care / David Warners, Michael Ryskamp, and Randall Van Dragt. p. 221.
Climate Science and the Dilemma for Christians / Donald C. Morton. p. 236.
Christian Action in the Face of Climate Change / Thomas P. Ackerman. p. 242.
Communication : The Gospel Is Always Bigger / John P. Bowen. p. 248.
Book Reviews. p. 251.
Letter to the Editor : Concordism vs. Context / Paul H. Seely. p. 263.