Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, December 2014

Perspectives on Science & Christian FaithPerspectives on Science and Christian Faith, Vol. 66, No. 4, December 2014, quarterly, free after 2 issue embargo, available by subscription $50 year or membership $85, 68 pages. ISSN: 0892-2675.

Editor: James C. Peterson

American Scientific Affiliation, P.O. Box 668, Ipswich, MA 01938.

Table of Contents

Editorial : Perfection Is Elusive / James C. Peterson. p. 193.
New Findings in Environmental Science and Their Implications for Christians / Dorothy Boorse. p. 194.
Marine Capture Fisheries—A Call to Action in Response to Limits, Unintended Consequences, and Ethics / Robert D. Sluka and Paul Simonin. p. 203.
Geoengineering or Planet Hacking? / M. A. Srokosz. p. 213.
Reconciliation Ecology: A New Paradigm for Advancing Creation Care / David Warners, Michael Ryskamp, and Randall Van Dragt. p. 221.
Climate Science and the Dilemma for Christians / Donald C. Morton. p. 236.
Christian Action in the Face of Climate Change / Thomas P. Ackerman. p. 242.
Communication : The Gospel Is Always Bigger / John P. Bowen. p. 248.
Book Reviews. p. 251.
Letter to the Editor : Concordism vs. Context / Paul H. Seely. p. 263.

Reports of the National Center for Science Education, Nov/Dec 2014

Reports of NCSEReports of the National Center for Science Education, Vol. 24, No. 6, Nov/Dec 2014, bi-monthly, free, membership $35 per year, 56 pages. ISSN: 2159-9270.

Editor: Stephanie Keep

National Center for Science Education, 420 40th Street Suite 2, Oakland, CA 94609-2688.

Table of Contents:
Articles : Science and Society: Evolution and Student Voting Patterns / Sehoya Cotner, D. Christopher Brooks, Randy Moore. p. 3.
Features : Continued Global Warming in the Midst of Natural Climate Fluctuations / John Abraham, John Fasullo, Greg Laden. p. 14.
Features : Scientists are from Mars, Laypeople are from Venus: An Evidence-Based Rationale for Communicating the Consensus on Climate / John Cook, Peter Jacobs. p. 23.
Features : William Smith (1769–1839) / Randy Moore. p. 33.
Reviews : Evolution, Games, and God: The Principle of Cooperation edited by Martin A. Nowak and Sarah Coakley / Douglas Allchin. p. 37.
Reviews : Reality Check: How Science Deniers Threaten our Future by Donald R. Prothero / David M. Dobson. p. 41.
Reviews : Astrobiology: A Very Short Introduction by David C. Catling / David Morrison. p. 44.
Reviews : Science and Religion: 5 Questions edited by Gregg D. Caruso / David A Rintoul. p. 47.
Reviews : Understanding Galápagos: What You’ll See and What It Means by Randy Moore and Sehoya Cotner / Kenneth Saladin. p. 50.
Reviews : Charles M Knight: The Artist Who Saw Through Time by Richard Milner / Brian Switek. p. 54.

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CSA News, November 2014

aiglibr203CSA News, Vol. 31, No. 6, November 2014, monthly, free, membership: full $17; sustaining $100, associate $5, 16 pages.

Editor: Douglas Roger Dexheimer

Creation Science Association for Mid-America, CSMA, 22509 State Line Rd, Cleveland, MO 64734.

Table of Contents:
A New Local Museum Features Fossils of Kansas / Douglas Roger Dexheimer. p. 1.
December Monthly Meeting : Hegelian Implications / Dave Penny. p. 6.
Monthly Meetings. p. 6.
Creation Ministries International Tour. p. 10.
Creation Safaris by CSA: 2014 Creation Safaris. p. 11.
Ha Ha Tonka Safari — 2014 or “Ha-Ha-Tonka-Smish-Smashonka-Saturnonka” / Douglas Roger Dexheimer & Paul Fennern. p. 12.
Help Wanted. p. 15.

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Creation : Journal of the Creation Science Movement, November 2014

aiglibr191Creation : Journal of the Creation Science Movement, Vol. 18, No. 6, November 2014, monthly, previous year(s) free, membership: overseas £13, UK £10, 12 pages.

Editor: R. Cambridge

Creation Science Movement, PO Box 888, Portsmouth, PO6 2YD, England, UK.

Table of Contents:
So quiet… p. 1.
Cosmic convolutions. p. 2.
Greater perception. p. 3.
Mind this. p. 5.
Cutting & Comments from New Scientist / David Rosevear. p. 5.
CSM on Facebook. p. 12.

Design Science Association Newsletter, November 2014

aiglibr172Design Science Association Newsletter, November 2014, monthly, free download, $15 for individual voting membership, 4 pages.


Design Science Association, PMB 218, 465 NE 181st Ave, Portland, OR 97230.

Table of Contents:
Big Bang and Black Holes: Bible Invites us to Prove all things / Maureen O’Kane. p. 1.
God Provides New Director for 7 Wonders Creation Museum / Lloyd and Doris Anderson. p. 2
Holidays are here! (books for sale). p. 3.
Christmas Music. p. 4.
Beginning Microscopy: Dec. 12. p. 4.

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