Nature Friend, August 2016

naturefriendaugust2016Table of contents:
Let’s Take A Hike : A Female Tan Jumping Spider with Prey (photo) / Ron Bergen. p. 2.
The Birders’ Trail : Hummingbird Rescue / Aden Troyer. p. 3.
From the Editor’s Quill / Kevin Shank. p. 4.
Invisibles / Lois Tschetter. p. 5.
A Clammy Introduction / Derek Yoder. p. 6.
What I Learned About Squirrels / Caleb Cauthorn. p. 8.
Pictures & Poems : Seasons. p. 9.
Wondernose : Wildlife Wondernose Question #168: What Little Crustacean Has No Less Than Nineteen Pairs of Appendages, Besides a Pouch to Carry Its Babies…? / Rebecca Martin. p. 10.
Creation Close-Ups. p. 12.
The Mailbox. p. 13.
You Can Draw : A Wood Duck From April. p. 14.
You Can Draw…a White Admiral / Judy Kauffman. p. 15.
Laura and the Leeches / Teresa Flora. p. 16.
Miraculous Migration of the Monarch / Sonia A. Randall. p. 18.
Presevering Excators / Rebecca Krahn. p. 19.
The “Bobbing” Owl / Autumn Horning. p. 20.
Thunderstorms / David Masloske. p. 21.
A Dinner Guest / Esther M. Bailey. p. 22.
Learning by Doing : Dressing for the Weather / Karen Geiser. p. 24.
Who Am I? Quiz / Maryann Hartzler. p. 26.
End of the Trail : Perseid Meteor Over Salt Fork Lake, in Ohio. p. 27.

Editors: Kevin & Bethany Shank

Nature Friend, Vol. 34, No. 8, August 2016, monthly, $40, 28 pages. ISSN: 0888-4862

Dogwood Ridge Outdoors, 4253 Woodcock Ln, Dayton, VA 22821

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Acts and Facts, August 2016

actsfactsaugust216Table of contents:
From the Editor : The Value of Discovery/ Jayme Durant p. 4.
Complete the Doing / Henry M. Morris, III. p. 5.
Events : August 2016. p. 8.
Research : The Ice Age and the Scattering of Nations / Tim Clarey. p. 9.
Impact : Subatomic Particles, Part 2: Baryons, the Substance of the Cosmos / Jason Lisle and Vernon R. Cupps. p. 10.
Back to Genesis : Evolutionary Crisis and the Third Way / Jeffrey P. Tomkins. p. 14.
Back to Genesis : Two Recent Fossils Confront Gradual Evolution / Brian Thomas p. 15.
Major Evolution Blunders : The “Degenerate” Genetic Code? / Randy J. Guliuzza. p. 16.
Creation Q & A : Did the Euphrates Flow before the Flood? / Brian Thomas p. 19.
Apologetics : When It Rained Chocolate Kindness / James J. S. Johnson p. 20.
Providence, Provision, and Purpose Videoconference with ISS Commander / Michael Stamp. p. 21.
Stewardship : Faith vs. Trust / Henry M. Morris, IV p. 22.
Letters to the Editor p. 23.
The Book of Beginnings: a Practical Guide to Understanding Genesis by Dr. Henry M. Morris, III (ad). p. 24.

PDF of issue

Executive editor: Jayme Durant

Acts & Facts, Vol. 45, No. 8, August 2016, monthly, free. 24 pages. ISSN: 1094-8562

Institute for Creation Research, PO Box 59029, Dallas, TX 75229

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Answers Update, August 2016

answersupdateaugust2016Table of Contents:
Bigger than Imagination! / Ken Ham. p. 1.
Ark Encounter : Order up! Or down?; Noah Found Grace. p. 4.
Creation Museum : Cloud of Witnesses: True; Stay Longer and Get It All. p. 5.
Creation Caving Adventure with Geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling. p. 6.
End of Summer SPECIALS! (ads) p. 7.
Creation News, Prayer Points, Creation Colleges. p. 12.
AiG Takes Apologetics to Southeast Asia. p. 13.
Back to School with p. 13.
Prepare for the Next Step at College Expo. p. 14.
Events. p. 14.
Ark Answer. p. 15.
Planned Giving: Now or Later. p. 15.
Answers Corner : Garden of Eden: Where? p. 16.

Editors: Mark Looy, Gary Vaterlaus, and Dale Mason.

Answers Update, Vol. 23 No. 8, August 2016, monthly, free, 20 pages.

Answers in Genesis, PO Box 510, Hebron, KY 41048

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Lutheran Science Institute Journal, Summer 2016

lsijournalsummer2016Table of contents:
This is the Day / Mark Bergemann. p. 4.
Please Support This Growing Ministry. p. 5.
Books Creationists Should Own: David Stove’s Darwinian Fairytales / Jeffrey Stueber. p. 6.
Why Do Some Believe in Millions of Years? / Mark Bergemann. p. 12.
Book Review : The Vast Wastelands of Unbelief by Jeffrey Stueber / Mark Bergemann. p. 24.
Scientists Still Struggling to Explain the Origin of Life / Warren Krug. p. 25.
Luther Days: A Distinctly Lutheran Festival. p. 28.
Four LSI Presentations at Luther Days. p. 28.
Arguments Creationists Should Never Use : Never Say “Evolution is a Random Process” / Mark Bergemann. p. 30.
Evolutionists Say Amazing Things : So Much is Unknown / Mark Bergemann. p. 32.

PDF of current issue

Editor: Mark Bergemann

LSI Journal, Vol. 30 No. 3, Summer 2016, quarterly, free digital, print subscription is $16/year (includes LSI Journal & LSI Bulletin), 32 pages.

Lutheran Science Institute, 13390 W Edgewood Ave, New Berlin, WI 52151

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Creation : Journal of the Creation Science Movement, August 2016

creationaugust2016-UKTable of Contents:
Robots and Humans. p. 1.
Rational Belief? p. 2.
Shocking News. p. 3.
Plants Can Count. p. 4.
Sailing Spiders. p. 5.
Cutting & Comments from New Scientist / David Rosevear. p. 6.
From the Postbag. p. 16.
Quote. p. 16.

Editor: R. Cambridge

Creation : Journal of the Creation Science Movement, Vol. 19, No. 3, August 2016, quarterly, previous year(s) free, membership: overseas £13, UK £10, 16 pages.

Creation Science Movement, PO Box 888, Portsmouth, PO6 2YD, England, UK.

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Creation Science Dialogue, Summer 2016

dialoguejune2016Table of contents:
Johann Kepler : The Founder of Modern Astronomy p. 1.
Coming Soon : Creation Weekend 2016, Featuring World Class Scientist Dr. John Baumgardner. p. 1.
The Living Cell: Frankly Created / Margaret Helder. p. 4.
Zero Tolerance for “the Creator”. p. 6.
Ads. p. 8.

Editor: Margaret Helder

Creation Science Dialogue, Vol. 43, No. 2, Summer 2016, triannual, $8 (CAD), 8 pages. ISSN: 0229-253X

Creation Science Association of Alberta, 5328 Calgary Trail, Suite 1136, Edmonton, Alberta, T6H 4J8, Canada.

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Geoscience Newsletter, July 2016

geosciencejul2016Table of contents:
GRI News : Teaching in the Philippines; Exploring the Alps; With Professionals in Israel. p. 1
New Book : The Death of Humanity and the Case for Life by Richard Weikart. p. 1.
GRI Blog. p. 1
Science News : Shared Bioluminescence Does Not Indicate Common Ancestry; Human Genes with Multiply Effects; Limits to Evolution of a Protein? p. 2.

Editor: unknown

Current issue

Geoscience Newsletter, July 2016, No. 46, quarterly, 2 pages.

Geoscience Research Institute, 11060 Campus St, Loma Linda, CA 92350

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Think and Believe, July/August 2016

thinkbelievejuly2016Table of contents:
Floods of the West Trip / Dave and Mary Jo Nutting. p. 1.
The Chalk Problem / Dave Nutting. p. 2.
The Global Flood (ad) p. 2.
Fabulous Chalk Beds / David Demick. p. 3.
Director’s Column / Dave Nutting. p. 4.
Yellowstone Creation Tour, September 2-6 (ad) p. 4.
Discover Creation Training Institute (ad) p. 4.
Kids Think and Believe Too! : And God Said / Lanny & Marilyn Johnson (insert). 2 pgs.

Editors: Dave & Mary Jo Nutting

Think & Believe, Vol. 34 No. 4, July/August 2016, free download, 4 pages + 2 page insert.

Alpha Omega Institute, PO Box 4343, Grand Junction, CO 81502

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