Creation Research Society Quarterly, Winter 2017

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Article : Variable Neutrino Mass, Supernovae, and Accelerated Decay / Eugene F. Chaffin. p. 180
Call for Research Proposals in Flood Geology. p. 190
Article : Cratering and the Earth: Clues in Lineaments / W. R. Barnhart. p. 191
Article : The Bighorn Basin, Wyoming: Monument to the Flood Part I: The Flooding Stage / Michael J. Oard. p. 206
eKINDS: Examination of Kinds In Natural Diversification and Speciation. p. 216
eKINDS Project Paper : Founder Events: Foundational in Rapid Post-Flood Diversification / Jean K. Lightner and Jon Ahlquist. p. 217
Minutes of the 2016 Creation Research Society Board of Directors Meeting / Gary Locklair. p. 225
Media Reviews : Why God Created the World: A Jonathan Edwards Adaptation by Ben Stevens / Jeremy Maurer. p. 229
Media Reviews : The Kingdom of Speech by Tom Wolfe / John K. Reed. p. 230
Media Reviews : Guide to the Human Body by Jayme Durant / Don DeYoung. p. 231
Media Reviews : Silencing the Darwin Skeptics by Jerry Bergman / Jean O’Micks. p. 232
Media Reviews : Undeniable: How Biology Confirms Our Intuition that Life Is Designed by Douglas Axe / Don DeYoung. p. 234
Instructions to Authors. p. 235
Membership/Subscription Application and Renewal Form. p. 237
Order Blank for Past Issues. p. 238
iDINO II: Investigation of Dinosaur Intact Natural Osteo-tissue. p. 239

Abstracts to articles

Editor: Danny Faulkner

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