Creation : Journal of the Creation Science Movement, Nov 2018

Creation Science Movement newsletter, November 2018Builders of Stonehenge ‘were skilled astronomers’. p. 1
One-up-manship with the Bible / Christopher Wainwright. p. 3
More evidence from mitochondria. p. 4
Cuttings & Comments from New Scientist / David Rosevear. p. 5
Book Review : Evolution and the Christian Faith by Philip Bell / David Rosevear. p. 14
Method in science. p. 14
You write. p. 15
News from Genesis Expo at the Hard, Portsmouth. p. 15
A philosophical note. p. 16
Meeting: November 10th 2018. p. 16

Editor: Unknown

Creation : Journal of the Creation Science Movement, Vol. 20, No. 2, November 2018, quarterly, previous year(s) free, membership: overseas £13, UK £10, 16 pages.

Creation Science Movement, PO Box 888, Portsmouth, PO6 2YD, England, UK.

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