Creation : Journal of the Creation Science Movement, Feb 2019

Creation Science Movement newsletter, February 2019Has NASA Found Alien Life? p. 3
The Enigma of Galaxies. p. 4
Science, Pseudo-Science and Absolute Non-Science. p. 6
Evolution on the school curriculum? p. 10
Peppered moths fly again! p. 12
Book Review : Inspiration from Creation by Stuart Burgess and Dominic Statham. p. 13
Science in the news / David Rosevear. p. 14
News, Views & Meetings. p. 19

Editor: Unknown

Creation : Journal of the Creation Science Movement, Vol. 20, No. 3, February 2019, quarterly, previous year(s) free, membership: overseas £13, UK £10, 16 pages.

Creation Science Movement, PO Box 888, Portsmouth, PO6 2YD, England, UK.

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