Creation Research Society Quarterly, Fall 2018

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Creation Research Society Quarterly, Fall 2018Article : Darkmatter Revisited / Delmar Dobberpuhl. p. 68
Article : Genesis Flood Drainage through Southwest Montana: Part 3: Water Gaps / Michael J.Oard. p. 81
Classic Reprints : A Scientific Alternative to Evolution / Thomas C. Barnes. p. 98
Author and Title Index for Volume 54, 2017-2018 / Robert Mullin. p. 102
Letters to the Editor : A Critical First Response to Faulkner’s “Thoughts on the raqia” / Daniel Pech. p. 106
Letters to the Editor : Worldview, Bahnsen, and Finiteness / Tom Carpenter . p. 110
Letters to the Editor : A Response to Tom Carpenter / Steven Chisham. p. 110
Letters to the Editor : Toledots and Creationist Positions / Jonathan Sarfati. p. 114
Letters to the Editor : A Response to Sarfati: Omission of Source Deliberate / Lee Anderson, Jr. p. 115
Media Reviews : Righting America at the Creation Museum by Susan L. Trollinger and William Vance Trollinger, Jr. / Jerry Bergman. p. 116
Media Reviews : American Experience: The Eugenics Crusade (DVD) written by Michael Ferrari and edited by George O’Donnell / Jerry Bergman. p. 118
Media Reviews : Censoring the Darwin Skeptics by Jerry Bergman / David Coppedge. p. 120
Media Reviews : Why Science Does Not Disprove God by Amir Aczel / Jeremy Maurer. p. 121
Media Reviews : Fossil Forensics: Separating Fact from Fantasy in Paleontology by Jerry Bergman / Mike Oard. p. 122
Instructions to Authors. p. 123
Membership/Subscription Application and Renewal Form. p. 125
Order Blank for Past Issues. p. 126
iDINO II: Investigation of Dinosaur Intact Natural Osteo-tissue. p. 127

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Editor: Danny Faulkner

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