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Specter of the Past

Casey Luskin Disparages Creationists…Once Again!

Casey Luskin, a staff member of the Discovery Institute and their Intelligent Design focused Center for Science and Culture, took another backhanded swipe at creationists yesterday morning. It seems that in a rather sad attempt to distance themselves from his roots (yes, ID’ers came out of the creationist movement) Luskin resorts to a bit of […]

Denyse O’Leary and Giving Intelligent Design a Bad Name

It’s not just evolutionists that have to wonder about Canadian ID’er Denyse O’Leary. This blog has also commented about some of her strange ideas…

In the current issue (Nov/Dec 2009) of Touchstone, Denyse has a review of Michael Flannery’s book, Alfred Russel Wallace’s Theory of Intelligent Evolution. She opens the second paragraph with this comment:


Canadian Christian Financed Expelled

NO APOLOGIES by Douglas Todd The Vancouver Sun (Canada), p. C1 January 3, 2009

Canadian Christian documentary producer wanted to generate anger with polarizing attack on Darwinism

It’s hard to reconcile such a presentable, intelligent and Christian man with such an incendiary movie. Walt Ruloff, a 44-year-old Canadian high-tech mogul, was explaining why he […]

Time To Expell the Big Government Ben Stein

In the documentary, Expelled : No Intelligence Allowed, Ben Stein uses the phrase “BIG Science” to great effect:

All over the world, Big Science is on the march, making sure that Neo-Darwinian Materialist Theory is protected, and that any challenges and challengers are dealt with…properly.

It’s pretty cute and a rather good 60 second sound […]

Intelligent Design Proponents Appointed to Texas Board of Education

3 evolution critics on advisory panel by Terrence Stutz The Dallas Morning News, p. 3. October 16, 2008 Social conservatives on the State Board of Education have appointed three evolution critics to a six-member committee that will review proposed curriculum standards for science courses in Texas schools.

Two of the appointees are authors of a […]