Casey Luskin Disparages Creationists…Once Again!

Casey Luskin, a staff member of the Discovery Institute and their Intelligent Design focused Center for Science and Culture, took another backhanded swipe at creationists yesterday morning. It seems that in a rather sad attempt to distance themselves from his roots (yes, ID’ers came out of the creationist movement) Luskin resorts to a bit of historical revision. He quotes from Alister McGrath’s book, Darwinism and the Divine:

Writers linked with the creationist and ‘Intelligent Design’ movements in North America vigorously oppose the teaching of evolution in schools, arguing that ‘Darwinism’ is intrinsically atheistic. (pp. 33-34)

Luskin then goes on to say:

That statement is seriously inaccurate. It might be true of “creationists” in the 1970s and 1980s. However, the ID movement has been very clear in on-the-record statements, including many public policy recommendations, that it does NOT in the least oppose teaching evolution. Discovery Institute is by far the most active ID group that gets involved with evolution-education policy, and we not only oppose mandating ID in public schools, but we think evolution should be taught and that more evolution should be taught.

Should we presume Luskin placed quotes around “creationists” because many of the early ID proponents were part of the creationist movement in the 70s and 80s? For instance, Access Research Network came out of the creationist community. ARN began as the Creation Society of Santa Barbara. It later changed it’s name to Students for Origins Research which eventually became Access Research Network.

Although it would take some time to locate in our VHS collection of old ID videos, there is a talk by Phillip Johnson in which he mentions his “…friends at ICR (Institute for Creation Research)…” We could dig further and find other strong and undeniable connections between the early ID movement and creationist movement of the 70s and 80s. But then again, Casey would continue to deny the historical record.

By the way, we suspect Casey would be hard put to find but a few creationists from that 20 year time period that actually opposed teaching evolution in public schools. The Institute for Creation Research, the Creation Research Society, the Bible-Science Association (now Creation Moments), the Creation Science Foundation (now Answers in Genesis), the Creation Science Movement, and many other groups have never advocated banning evolution. These were all organizations (and many more) that were in existence during the period Casey claims creationists wanted to ban evolution in public schools.

Please do some research before you blather on about creationists. Doesn’t the Discovery Institute use fact checkers for their blog postings???

Hint: Casey, you’ve confused the 70s & 80s with the 20s & 30s and the difference between opposing evolution versus banning evolution!


P.S. We can conclude that Alister McGrath also doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Denyse O’Leary and Giving Intelligent Design a Bad Name

It’s not just evolutionists that have to wonder about Canadian ID’er Denyse O’Leary. This blog has also commented about some of her strange ideas…

In the current issue (Nov/Dec 2009) of Touchstone, Denyse has a review of Michael Flannery’s book, Alfred Russel Wallace’s Theory of Intelligent Evolution. She opens the second paragraph with this comment:

Darwin argued that natural selection acting on random mutations produces the intricate machinery of life.

Poor Denyse.

Once again she reveals a glaring gap in her knowledge about not just Charles Darwin, but evolution itself! Darwin did NOT argue that natural selection acted on random mutations. It was in Hugo de Vries 1901-1903 two volume Die Mutationstheorie (The Mutation Theory) that a theory of mutations was first articulated — some 20 years after Darwin died! Darwin knew nothing about genetics and mutations. Even checking Wikipedia’s articles on Mutationism or Hugo de Vries would have caught this major mistake.

*SIGH* Doesn’t anyone at Touchstone fact check submissions by authors???


Canadian Christian Financed Expelled

by Douglas Todd
The Vancouver Sun (Canada), p. C1
January 3, 2009

Canadian Christian documentary producer wanted to generate anger with polarizing attack on Darwinism

It’s hard to reconcile such a presentable, intelligent and Christian man with such an incendiary movie. Walt Ruloff, a 44-year-old Canadian high-tech mogul, was explaining why he came up with the idea to finance Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

He told the stories over lunch in a sun-filled restaurant on Bowen Island, where his family lives in a mansion once incorrectly reported to be the home of Hollywood actor Harrison Ford.

Ruloff readily admitted Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed provoked rage in many quarters when it was released across the continent this year. And he knows it will continue to rile some now that it’s come out in DVD.

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Time To Expell the Big Government Ben Stein

In the documentary, Expelled : No Intelligence Allowed, Ben Stein uses the phrase “BIG Science” to great effect:

All over the world, Big Science is on the march, making sure that Neo-Darwinian Materialist Theory is protected, and that any challenges and challengers are dealt with…properly.

It’s pretty cute and a rather good 60 second sound bite. Today I’ve finally figured out where Ben got the idea for “Big Science”. You see, Stein is also known as a financial expert and frequent guest on cable TV money shows. But less well know is Ben Stein’s advocacy for BIG Government. In his blog posting on Larry King’s CNN website, Stein makes a rather shrill call for a BIG government, taxpayer-supported bailout of failing BIG companies.

Until now, I rather respected Ben Stein. It seems Stein is another wealth distributing useless idiot running around with his hair on fire saying we need IMMEDIATE action to save the BIG 3 car companies, the investment companies, the banks, and whoever else gave money to our politicians. Judge for yourself with this quote from Stein:

There is no other entity besides the government that can restore this situation to a full employment equilibrium position. State governments are suffering and so are municipalities. Corporations are obviously suffering. Only the federal government can literally print money to restore the situation.

No, this is not a quote from his Comedy Central quiz show, Win Ben Stein’s Money. It’s also not April 1st.

I’m extremely disappointed. While I think Expelled is a great documentary, my enthusiasm for promoting him and the DVD is all but gone.

At least Ben Stein doesn’t believe in social Darwinism…


Intelligent Design Proponents Appointed to Texas Board of Education

3 evolution critics on advisory panel
by Terrence Stutz
The Dallas Morning News, p. 3.
October 16, 2008

Social conservatives on the State Board of Education have appointed three evolution critics to a six-member committee that will review proposed curriculum standards for science courses in Texas schools.

Two of the appointees are authors of a book that questions many of the tenets of Charles Darwin’s theory of how humans and other life forms evolved. One of them, Stephen Meyer, is also vice president of the Discovery Institute, a Seattle-based group that promotes an explanation of the origin of life similar to creationism. The other author is Ralph Seelke, a biology professor at the University of Wisconsin-Superior.

Also on the panel is Baylor University chemistry professor Charles Garner, who, like the other two, signed the Discovery Institute’s “Dissent from Darwinism” statement that sharply questions key aspects of the theory of evolution.

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