Time Names Creation Museum To 2007 Religious Story List

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Time Names AiG Museum

Not to be outdone by Mad magazine Time placed the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum number 9 on their “10 Biggest Religion Stories for 2007.” Time even borrowed a page from the Mad magazine parody by calling the Creation Museum a “multimillion-dollar momument to the Flintstone (Young Earth) principle…”

It’s reassuring to know that Time magazine, in spite of declining circulation, is still maintaining the highest standards of journalistic excellence.

The online version (see link above) is a bit more informative than the printed version, but just as snarky:

“The Creation Museum, which opened in Petersburg, Ky., in May is a multimillion-dollar extravaganza that reaffirms the scientific validity of the Flintstones. The museum illustrates so-called “young earth” creationism, which takes the Bible’s description of God’s six-day schedule literally. The attraction exceeded its one-year attendance expectations within five months. The museum will be attended mostly by fly-over citizens, but it is a valuable reminder to folks on the coasts that more than 70% of Americans (and at least one current Presidential candidate) believe in some sort of Creationism.”



Intelligent design: Adam en Eva in de klas

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Het Belang Van Limburg (Belgium), page 95
15 December 15, 2007

Texas, de thuisbasis van president Bush, staat een stap dichter bij de invoering van ‘intelligent design’ op het leerplan biologie van de scholen. ‘Intelligent design’ zou lijnrecht ingaan tegen de alomgekende evolutietheorie. En dan is er ook nog creationisme.

“Adam en Eva in de klas biologie”, aldus een artikel in deze krant. Hoe zit dat nu eigenlijk? Theoloog Jurgen Mettepenningen (KU Leuven): “Men zou kunnen zeggen dat de intelligent designtheorie uitgaat van beneden, van de zogenaamde grote orde die we hier op deze planeet en bij onszelf vaststellen. Van daaruit doen zij de overstap naar de stelling dat er allicht iéts moet zijn dat al dit moois heeft ontworpen. Het kan er gewoon niet vanzelf zijn gekomen, dat is niet mogelijk. Kortom: de intelligent design-theorie vertrekt vanuit de orde en concludeert daaruit dat er wel degelijk een superieur verstand is en dat wij, mensen, niet alles wetenschappelijk kunnen verklaren, zoals Darwin wél stelt.

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Creationists plan British theme park

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by Jamie Doward
The Observer (UK), page 11
December 16, 2007

THE LATEST salvo in creationism’s increasingly ferocious battle with evolution is about to be fired in Lancashire. Not in a fiery sermon preached from the pulpit, but in the form of a giant Christian theme park that will champion the book of Genesis and make a multimedia case that God created the world in seven days.

The AH Trust, a charity set up last year by a group of businessmen alarmed by the direction in which they see society heading, has identified a number of potential sites in the north west of England to build the £3.5m Christian theme park.

The trust claims it already has a number of rich backers who are keen to invest in the project, which will boast two interactive cinemas, a cafeteria, six shops and a television recording studio, allowing it to produce its own Christian themed films and documentaries.

The 5,000-capacity park will be the first of its kind in Britain, but not in the world…

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Evolutionists Demand Litmus Test of Presidential Candidates

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Lawrence “It’s a lie!” Krauss and Chris Mooney, a Seed magazine correspondent and blogger, are publicly promoting a litmus test for the 2008 presidential candidates. [See also Krauss’s Wall Street Journal opinion piece.] We’re quite sure a candidate’s view of evolution, creationism, and intelligent design will be one of the prime qualifying tests Krauss and the gang at Science Debate 2008 will be applying. If there’s any doubt one need only peruse the list of some of the supporters on the Science Debate 2008 website:

Niles Eldredge – Curator, Division of Paleontology, The American Museum of Natural History

John F. Haught – Senior Fellow, Science & Religion, Woodstock Theological Center, Georgetown University

Paul Kurtz – Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, State University of New York at Buffalo; Chairman, Center for Inquiry

Lawrence M. Krauss – Ambrose Swasey Professor of Physics and Astronomy and Director, Center for Education and Research in Cosmology and Astrophysics, Case Western Reserve

Kenneth R. Miller – Professor of Biology, Brown University; co-author of “Biology”

Randy Olson – Marine Ecologist, Filmmaker, “Flock of Dodos”

Kevin Padian – Professor and Curator Department of Integrative Biology and Museum of Paleontology University of California, Berkeley

John Rennie – Editor-In-Chief, Scientific American

Eugenie C. Scott – Executive Director, National Center for Science Education

All the above are well-known evolutionists with a long history of fighting creationists and intelligent design proponents.


Make science part of the debate
by Lawrence Krauss and Chris Mooney
Los Angeles Times (California), page A31
December 12, 2007

Whether the issue is global warming, embryonic stem cell research, ballistic missile defense or the future of the world�s oceans, the same bass line thumps in the background: Sound political decision-making relies, more than ever before, on accurate scientific information.

As advances in science and technology continually transform our world, policymaking will inevitably depend more and more on accurate scientific and technical information. Which means that in order to be a successful world leader today, a politician must have an effective means of accessing and applying the latest science.

This fact � combined with the undisputed importance of scientific research and innovation to national prosperity and competitiveness � explains the recent emergence of a group called ScienceDebate2008. Under its auspices, scientists, university presidents, industry leaders, elected representatives and others have endorsed a call for the current U.S. presidential candidates to participate in a debate, or a series of debates, dedicated to issues in science and technology. More specifically, the candidates should answer questions about the environment, medicine and health, and science and technology policy.

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Christian’s Dispute Over Research Evolves Into Lawsuit

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by Jason Szep
The Vancouver Sun (Canada), page C8
December 8, 2007

BOSTON — A Christian biologist is suing the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts, claiming he was fired for refusing to accept evolution, lawyers involved in the case said Friday.

Nathaniel Abraham, an Indian national who describes him self as a “Bible- believing Christian,” said in the suit filed Monday in U. S. District Court in Boston that he was fired in 2004 because he would not accept evolution as scientific fact.

The latest academic spat over science and religion was first reported in The Boston Globe newspaper Friday. Gibbs Law Firm in Florida, which is representing Abraham, said he was seeking $500,000 in compensation.

The zebrafish specialist said his civil rights were violated when he was dismissed shortly after telling his superior he did not accept evolution because he believed the Bible presented a true account of human creation.

Creationists such as Abraham believe God made the world in six days, as the Bible’s Book of Genesis says.

Woods Hole, a U. S. government funded non-profit research centre on Cape Cod, said in a statement it firmly believed its actions and those of its employees in the case were “entirely lawful” and that it does not discriminate.

Abraham, who was dismissed eight months after he was hired, said he was willing to do research using evolutionary concepts but that he had been required to accept Darwin’s theory of evolution as scientific fact or lose his job.

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On Intelligent Design, A Lesson in Political Science 101

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by Bud Kennedy
Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Texas), page 2B
December 5, 2007

To heck with what’s in your wallet.

What’s in your kid’s science textbook?

If the ruling mullahs in Austin get their way, creation theology will be there, no matter whether we want religion mixed with classroom science.

Gov. Rick Perry already said that he supports teaching “intelligent design” — the belief that a higher power had a hand in creation.

He called it a “valid scientific theory.”

Perry, of course, has a Texas A&M University degree in science — animal science.

His degree certainly should help him identify the BS that came out of the Texas Education Agency recently.

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Why Science Needs History

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by Rick Casey
The Houston Chronicle (Texas), page B1
December 5, 2007

A recent flap at the Texas Education Agency demonstrates why we need to teach history better so we can teach science better.

After nine years as the Texas Education Agency’s science director, Chris Comer resigned after being suspended for appearing to oppose the “intelligent design” theory of the origins of the universe.

TEA officials say other factors were involved in her firing, but e-mails obtained by the Austin American Statesman make clear that Comer’s scientific orthodoxy and apparent political heresy were a major factor.

Her mortal sin was that in October she sent an e-mail to an Austin online community announcing an upcoming lecture by Barbara Forrest, a Southeast Louisiana University philosophy professor and coauthor of Inside Creationism’s Trojan Horse.

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