Lutheran Science Institute Journal, Winter 2019

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Evolution: A Lutheran Response. p. 1
Theological Foundations, Lesson 1. p. 4
The Nature of Science, Lesson 2. p. 7
A Lutheran Response, Lesson 3. p. 11
Natural Selection, Lesson 4. p. 13
Dating Methods, Lesson 5. p. 17
Fossils, Lesson 6. p. 21
More on Creation Apologetics. p. 27
Lutheran Science Institute (LSI). p. 28
Martin Luther College. Creation Apologetic Courses. p. 32

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Editor: Mark Bergemann
LSI Journal, Vol. 33 No. 1, Winter 2019, quarterly, free digital, print subscription is $13/year (includes LSI Journal & LSI Bulletin), 32 pages.
Lutheran Science Institute, 13390 W Edgewood Ave, New Berlin, WI 52151

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