Lutheran Science Institute Journal, Fall 2018

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Dinosaurs, God’s Creatures. p. 1
Daily Reminder / David Barkow. p. 4
Dinosaurs, God’s Creatures / Paul R. Boehlke. p. 6
Dinosaurs, God’s Creatures, Part II / Paul R. Boehlke. p. 13
Dinosaur Retrospect / Paul R. Boehlke. p. 19
Evolutionists Say Amazing Things : The Nature of Science / Mark Bergemann. p. 26
Milwaukee Public Museum Diorame. p. 31
Children Love Dinosaurs! p. 32

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Editor: Mark Bergemann
LSI Journal, Vol. 32 No. 4, Fall 2018, quarterly, free digital, print subscription is $13/year, 32 pages.
Lutheran Science Institute, 13390 W Edgewood Ave, New Berlin, WI 52151

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