Journal of Creation, Vol. 31 No. 1, 2017

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Perspective : The problem of the wet Sahara / Michael J. Oard. p. 3
Perspective : A new mechanism to form free-standing arches questionable / Michael J. Oard. p. 4
Perspective : SUSY is not the solution to the dark matter crisis / John G. Hartnett. p. 6
Perspective : Sulfur-cycling bacteria 1.8 billion years old the same as today / Michael J. Oard. p. 8
Perspective : Did the Mediterranean Sea desiccate numerous times? / Michael J. Oard. p. 9
Perspective : Surprises in Surprise Canyon / J.N. Caldwell. p. 11
Book Review : Evangelical scholars still misinformed about creation (The Enduring Authority of the Christian Scriptures edited by D. A. Carson) / Lita Cosner. p. 14
Book Review : Evangelicals needlessly cave on evolution (How I Changed My Mind About Evolution: Evangelicals reflect on faith and science edited by Kathryn Applegate and J.B. Stump) / Keaton Halley. p. 17
Book Review : An overhyped book that drifts from subject to subject (Human Universe by Brian Cox and Andrew Cohen) / John Woodmorappe. p. 21
Book Review : The glaring discontinuities among even ‘simple’ life forms (The Vital Question: Energy, evolution, and the origins of complex life by Nick Lane) / John Woodmorappe. p. 22
Book Review : Strict science procedures evaluate evolution (The Scientific Approach to Evolution: What They Didn’t Teach You in Biology by Rob Stadler) / Brian Thomas. p. 28
Book Review : The historical Adam and what he means for us (What Happened in the Garden? The reality and ramifications of the creation and fall of man edited by Abner Chou / Shaun Doyle. p. 30
Book Review : Bad History (Big History: Between Nothing and Everything by David Christian, Cynthia Stokes Brown, and Craig Benjamin) / Andrew Kulikovsky. p. 36
Letter Our eternal universe / Lita Cosner. REPLY: John Hartnett. p. 41
Letter Our eternal universe / James R. Hughes. REPLY: John Hartnett. p. 43
Countering the Critics : Utterly preserved cells are not remnants—a critique of Dinosaur Blood and the Age of the Earth / Mark Armitage. p. 45
Viewpoint : Flood processes into the late Cenozoic: part 3—organic evidence / Michael J. Oard. p. 51
Viewpoint : Flood processes into the late Cenozoic: part 4—organic evidence /Michael J. Oard. p. 58
Viewpoint : Understanding ‘stretching of the heavens’ in Scripture—a call for balance / Jim Melnick. p. 66
Paper : Baraminic analysis of nucleocytoplasmic large DNA viruses / Jean O’Micks. p. 73
Paper : Dating the Tower of Babel events with reference to Peleg and Joktan / Andrew Sibley. p. 80
Paper : A broken climate pacemaker?—part 1 / Jake Hebert. p. 88
Paper : Reading ‘places’ in Genesis 1–11 / Alistair McKitterick. p. 99
Paper : A broken climate pacemaker?—part 2 / Jake Hebert. p. 104
Paper : Superflares and the origin of life on Earth / Andrew Sibley. p. 111
Paper : Strategically dismantling the evolutionary idea strongholds / Daniel A. Biddle and Jerry Bergman. p. 116
Paper : Two date range options for Noah’s Flood / Brian Thomas. p. 120

Editor: Pierre Jeriström.

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