Answers Magazine, May-June 2017

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Editor’s Note : Just the Beginning / Mike Matthews. p. 10
In the Beginning : Redeeming the Time / Ken Ham. p. 12
Let There Be Truth (cartoon strip) / Dan Lietha. p. 13
Creation Basics : Does It Matter Where Can Got His Wife? / Byran Osborne. p. 15
Creation Basics : Why Is Creation Such a Big Deal? p. 17
Creation On Display : Aquatic Engineer at Your Service / Tom Hennigan. p. 19
Creation On Display : Fish Intelligence. p. 22
Creation On Display : In Living Color / John Upchurch. p. 24
Creation On Display : Play It By Foot. p. 26
Science in Perspectives : A Dynamo Contradiction; Hebrew Writing in Egypt; Secrets Hiding in the Trunk; Water From Stone; Adam’s Genome Book; Alternative Earths Abound. p. 29
Science in Perspectives : The Untold Story Behind DNA Similarity / Jeffrey Tomkins. p. 34
Science in Perspectives : Physics’ Unsolved Energy Crisis / Danny R. Faulkner. p. 38
Science in Perspectives : A Glimpse into Life after Babel; Fishy Links. p. 40
Bible and Culture : The New Extremists; Destabilizing the Family; Unholy Matrimony; A Call to Unity. p. 45
Bible and Culture : A Religion with No God / Mark Looy. p. 48
Bible and Culture : The Scandal of Biblical Illiteracy / R. Albert Mohler, Jr. p. 52
Is Noah’s Ark On Mount Ararat? / Andrew A. Snelling. p. 54
Noah’s Ark Found; Will Noah’s Ark Ever Be Found? p. 60
Look Who’s Talking / Tom Hennigan. p. 64
Funding Darwin in the Church / Melissa Skinner. p. 70
Speak Up : Hands-On Creation Camp; Taking the Bible Where Kids Lvie; Let’s Talk… p. 78
Creation Every Day : Slow Boil. p. 82

Includes: 8 page Kids Answers : In the Land of the Dinosaurs foldout, Vol. 12, No. 3, May-June 2017.

strong>Editor in Chief: Michael Matthews; Executive Editor: Doug Rumminger.

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