Creation Update, Autumn 2019

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Biblical Creation Trust Plans for the Future. p. 1
Creation Research UK (John Mackay). p. 1
Show Witness. p.1
Media Watch: News From Various Media Sources, p. 2, 4
Creation Moments : Did the Ancients Believe in a Flat Earth? p. 2
Witness at Creation Fest. p. 2
Editorial : Are Humans a Plague?/ Geoff Chapman. p. 3
A Talented Artist and Cartoonist (Brian Newton) p. 3
Resource News. p. 4
Website Update. p. 4
UK MEGA Conference 2019. p. 4

Editor: Geoff Chapman.

Creation Update, No. 114, Autumn 2019, quarterly, free by request, 4 pages. Creation Update in world libraries.

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