Creation Research Society Quarterly, Winter 2019

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Creation Research Society Quarterly, Winter 2019

Creation Research Society Quarterly, Winter 2019

Article : The Uniqueness of Humans Is Clearly Demonstrated by the Gene-Content Statistical Baraminology Method / Jean K. Lightner and Matyas Cserhati. p. 132
Article : Is the Alboran Basin, Western Mediterranean, an Impact Crater? Part I: Kinematics / Michael J. Oard. p. 142
Minutes of the 2018 Creation Research Society Board of Directors Meeting. p. 155
Letters to the Editor : Philosophical Considerations on Biblical Creation Science / Larry Rinehart. p. 157
Letters to the Editor : Did Adam and Eve Converse with God in Their Respective First Hours? / Daniel Pech. p. 158
Letters to the Editor : On the Waters Above / Alexander Pushchin. p. 160
Letters to the Editor : How Do Men Come to Faith via Apologetics? A Response to Steven Chisham / Matthew Cserhati. p. 161
Letters to the Editor : A Response to Matthew Cserhati: Finitude Necessitates Worldview / Steven Chisham. p. 163
Media Reviews : Adam, Where Are You? And Why it Matters by Willem Ouwenel / Jerry Bergman. p. 166
Media Reviews : Speak Freely: Why Universities Must Defend Free Speech by Keith Whittington / Jerry Bergman. p. 167
Media Reviews : Genesis 1-11 by John MacArthur / Don DeYoung/ p. 169
Media Reviews : Understanding Scientific Theories of Origins by Robert Bishop, Larry Funck, Raymond Lewis, Stephen Moshier and John Walton / Don DeYoung. p. 170
Media Reviews : Brief Answers to the Big Questions by Stephen Hawking / Jerry Bergman. p. 171
Media Reviews : Unbelievable: 7 Myths About the History and Future of Science and Religion by Michael Newton Keas / Jerry Bergman. p. 173
Media Reviews : Spectacle: The Astonishing Life of Ota Benga by Pamela Newkirk / Jerry Bergman. p. 175
Media Reviews : Monkey in the Middle: The Real History of the Scopes Monkey Trial (DVD) narrated by Gary North / Jerry Bergman. p. 178
Media Reviews : Mere Science and Christian Faith by Greg Cootsona / Don B. DeYoung. p. 180
Media Reviews : Free Speech on Campus by Erwin Chemerinksy and Howard Gillman / Jerry Bergman. p. 181
Media Reviews : Darwin Devolves: The New Science About DNA That Challenges Evolution by Michael Behe / James R. Hughes. p. 182
Media Reviews : Poor Design: An Invalid Argument Against Intelligent Design by Jerry Bergman / Ross S. Olson. p. 184
Media Reviews : Atheism for Dummies by Dale McGowan / Jerry Bergman. p. 185
Instructions to Authors. p. 187
Membership/Subscription Application and Renewal Form. p. 189
Order Blank for Past Issues. p. 190
iDINO II: Investigation of Dinosaur Intact Natural Osteo-tissue. p. 191

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