Creation Magazine, October-December 2017

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Feedback. p. 4
Facebook Feedback. p. 5.
Editorial : Creation at the cutting edge / Jonathan Sarfati. p. 6
Focus—creation news and views . p. 7
No Evolution in pollution: Killifish survivors are losers / David Catchpoole. p. 12
The Samurai crab: Myth information about natural selection / Calvin Smith. p. 14
Creation evangelism on Mars Hill / Lita Cosner. p. 17
Bioluminescence: the light of living things / Martin Tampier. p. 20
Powerfully attraccted to the truth of creation. Interview with Dr. Peter Vajda / Tas Walker. p. 24
Gorge ‘Looks Thousands of Years Old,’ but created in months / David Whyte. p. 27
The Wombat / David Catchpoole. p. 28
Longest recorded fossil drag mark / Philip Robinson. p. 32
Creation for Kids : The Good News! / Erin Hughes and Lita Cosner. p. 34
Hebrew professor affirms that Genesis is real history. Interview with Dr. Stephen Schrader / Jonathan Sarfati. p. 38
Continental margins: their rapid formation during flood runoff / Michael Oard. p. 41
The ‘Water-Walking’ lizard / Michael Eggleton. p. 45
Antibiotic resistance: Evolution in action? / Don Batten. p. 46
The Universe of the lone brain / Paul Price. p. 49
Opalized fossils and pseudo-fossils / John Hartnett. p. 52
Are there dragons in the British Museum? / Amelia Hunter. p. 54
Walking ain’t easy / David Catchpoole. p. 56.

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Editors: Don Batten, Lita Cosner, Jonathan Sarfati, Tasman Walker.

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