Answers Update, August 2017

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A Message that Inspire…and Infuriates / Bryan Osborne. p. 1
CreationWise (cartoon strip) / Dan Lietha. p. 2
Ark Encounter : The Necessity of Prayer; Monitoring What’s New at the Zoo; !Viva el Día Latino! p. 3
Creation Museum : Dragon Slayers at the Museum; Explore Astronomy This Month, Stargazer’s Nights; Deaf Days Return; Raptor Run. p. 5
Back to School Specials (ads) p. 7
Creation News; Prayer Points. p. 12
Czeching Out European Ministry; A Life-Changing Journey! p. 13
Looking for a College You Can Trust? p. 14
Events. p. 14
A New Reformation; Retirement Annuities–Even Now. p. 15
God’s Promise. p. 16

Editors: Mark Looy, Gary Vaterlaus, and Dale Mason.

Answers Update, Vol. 24 No. 8, August 2017, monthly, free, 16 pages.

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