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Specter of the Past

Atheist Bloggers Attack Kentucky Governor

The howling and wailing by atheist bloggers has begun! And their hopping mad with Kentucky Democratic governor Steve Beshear for scheduling a press conference with Answers in Genesis about the opening of a job creating theme park, Ark Encounter, in the Northern Kentucky region. Not unexpectedly, Pharyngula’s PZ Myers and Friendly Atheist’s (sic) Hemant Mehta, […]

Atheist Scott Hatfield and the Scopes Monkey Trial

Scott Hatfield is an atheist who runs a blog called Monkey Trials – Evolution, Creation and ‘All That Jazz’. Scott purports to be a “High school biology teacher, advocate for science education, part-time musician, full-time troublemaker and baseball fan.” Perhaps to save embarrassing himself, he should leave out the part about being a “high school […]

The Guardian On Clarence Darrow

Despite some exaggeration, the UK’s Guardian G2 magazine insert featured a rather nice piece on Clarence Darrow. The occasion was the 85th Anniversary of Darrow’s defense of the notorious Leopold and Loeb. Like many other liberal views of their crime and Darrow’s defense, the UK applauds Darrow for his emotional appeal to spare their lives […]

UK Atheists Can Now Whine Together in UK Schools

It’s nice to see that atheists, humanists, secularists, free thinkers, and rationalists can now get together in UK schools and whine about how much it bothers them that God is mentioned in the public square. But does the world really need another club that is opposed to free speech?


First the buses. Now atheists […]

Canadian Atheists Lose Fight To Advertise On Ottawa Buses

Canadian atheists certainly have a taste for the absurd when they don’t get their way. Having been turned down by the Ottawa transit authority for their silly bus ad campaign, they staged a photo-op with their mouths taped shut as a protest against the decision. How ironic considering they are the usually the first ones […]