Atheist Scott Hatfield and the Scopes Monkey Trial

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Scott Hatfield is an atheist who runs a blog called Monkey Trials – Evolution, Creation and ‘All That Jazz’.   Scott purports to be a “High school biology teacher, advocate for science education, part-time musician, full-time troublemaker and baseball fan.” Perhaps to save embarrassing himself, he should leave out the part about being a “high school biology teacher.”

You see, Scott put up a post on January 23rd titled, WE NEED A WISE CRYPTOZOOLOGIST FOR THIS CONSPIRACY!.  (All caps are his.)  Scott used the post to make a rather rambling rant against creationist Kurt Wise, Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum, Kentucky, and Texas.   Now, this is nothing out of the ordinary for the typical atheist high school biology teacher pajama blogger, but Scott somehow has come to the conclusion that the 1925 Scopes Trial took place in Dayton, Kentucky.   He even shows us a nice image of the ‘real‘ location of the 1925 Scopes Trial, with a paragraph of explanation in case you don’t get it:

chupacoon conspiracy

“In case you don’t know, Dayton, Kentucky is where the original ‘monkey trial’ showdown of Darrow and Bryan took place, with a chilling effect on science education. To cap it off, the most famous ‘creation scientist’ of Kentucky origins is none other than former Bryan College (Dayton) professor (and Answers in Genesis consultant) Kurt Wise…”

Of course, Scott assumes Bryan College is in Dayton, Kentucky and thus, that Kurt Wise is also from Kentucky.

Note to Scott: Next time READ the articles you link to in your posts.  Than you can at least get some of the basic stuff correct!

Let’s hope you are more careful in your Fresno, California high school biology class than you are with geography or history…