ARKY’s News, Jan-March 2017

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Inside This Issue. p. 1
Our Father In Heaven / Ronnie E. Cooper. p. 1
The One-way Speed of Light and the Age of the Universe / Kevin Hadsall. p. 2
Newsweek Magazine In Their January 18, 1988 Issue Broke the Story of: “Mitochondrial Eve” / Charles E. Brewster. p. 4
A Visit to the Ark Encounter / Mark Jurkovich. p. 6
ARKY’s Calendar of Events. p. 8
Financial Statement 2016; ARK Supporter Benefits. p. 9
Homeschool Curriculum; Snow Shoveling; Creation Museum Tickets. p. 10

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Editor: Mark Jurkovich

ARKY’s News, Vol. 22, No. 4, Jan-March 2017, quarterly, free. 10 pages.

The Ark Foundation of Dayton, Inc., 2002 S Smithville, Dayton, Ohio 45420-2804. Membership: $25 for individual, $30 for couple, $40 for family.

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