ARKY’s News, April-June 2017

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Inside This Issue. p. 1
Is It Interpretation or Extrapolation That Is “The Problem”? / Ronnie E. Cooper. p. 1
Reasons to Teach Creation Science / Mark Jurkovich. p. 2
Bible Reading / Brenda Cooper. p. 3
Walk In The Light (cartoon) / Mike Waters. p. 3
Humanism in the Science Classroom / Kevin Hadsall. p. 4
Were Dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark? / Brian Thomas. p. 5
The Leviathan / Henry M. Morris, III. p. 6
Kroger Rewards Program; Attention Churches; Help Needed. p. 6
Kids Korner : Giants / TJ. p. 7
ARKY’s Calendar of Events. p. 8
Financial Statement 2016; ARK Supporter Benefits. p. 9
22nd Annual ARK Banquet with Bryan Osborne of Answers in Genesis, June 12, 2017. p. 10

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Editor: Mark Jurkovich

ARKY’s News, Vol. 23, No. 1, April-June 2017, quarterly, free. 10 pages.

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