Time Names Creation Museum To 2007 Religious Story List

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Time Names AiG Museum

Not to be outdone by Mad magazine Time placed the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum number 9 on their “10 Biggest Religion Stories for 2007.” Time even borrowed a page from the Mad magazine parody by calling the Creation Museum a “multimillion-dollar momument to the Flintstone (Young Earth) principle…”

It’s reassuring to know that Time magazine, in spite of declining circulation, is still maintaining the highest standards of journalistic excellence.

The online version (see link above) is a bit more informative than the printed version, but just as snarky:

“The Creation Museum, which opened in Petersburg, Ky., in May is a multimillion-dollar extravaganza that reaffirms the scientific validity of the Flintstones. The museum illustrates so-called “young earth” creationism, which takes the Bible’s description of God’s six-day schedule literally. The attraction exceeded its one-year attendance expectations within five months. The museum will be attended mostly by fly-over citizens, but it is a valuable reminder to folks on the coasts that more than 70% of Americans (and at least one current Presidential candidate) believe in some sort of Creationism.”