Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, September 2018

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Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, September 2018Editorial : The Power to Give Power / James C. Peterson. p. 145
Articles : The Fine Tuning of the Universe: Evidence for the Existence of God? / Walter L. Bradley. p. 147
Articles : God’s Agape/Probability Design for the Universe / Chris Barrigar. p. 161
Articles : New Historical and Geological Constraints on the Date of Noah’s Flood / Alan Dickin. p. 176
Communication : Divine Action in the Twenty-First-Century Universe / Harry Lee Poe. p. 194
Book Reviews : I Contain Multitudes; The Microbes within Us and a Grander View of Life by Ed Yong / Deborah Jude. p. 198
Book Reviews : Making the Most of the Anthropocene; Facing the Future by Mark Denny / David De Haan. p. 199
Book Reviews : Losing Susan; Brain Disease, the Priest’s Wife, and the God Who Gives and Takes Away by Victor Lee Austin / Robert J. Dean. p. 200
Book Reviews : Revolutionary Science; Transformation and Turmoil in the Age of the Guillotine by Steve Jones / Arie Leegwater. p. 201
Book Reviews : Essential Readings in Medicine and Religion by Gary B. Ferngren and Ekaterina N. Lomperis / John F. Pohl. p. 202
Book Reviews : Evolution; Scripture and Nature Say Yes! by Denis O. Lamoureux / Sara Sybesma Tolsma. p. 204
Book Reviews : Making Sense of Science; Separating Substance from Spin by Cornelia Dean / Stephan Cntakes. p. 205
Book Reviews : Astrophysics and Creation; Perceiving the Universe through Science and Participation by Arnold Benz / Tyler Scott. p. 206
Book Reviews : On Faith and Science by Edward J. Larson and Michael Ruse / Randy Isaac. p. 208
Book Reviews : The Tetris Effect: The Game That Hypnotized the World by Dan Ackerman / Kevin Schut. p. 210
Book Reviews : Freedom All the Way Up: God and the Meaning of Life in a Scientific Age by Christian J. Barrigar / Robert P. Doede. p. 211
Book Reviews : Madness: American Protestant Responses to Mental Illness by Heather H. Vacek / E. Janet Warren. p. 212
Letter : Old Age at Lake Suigetsu, Japan, and Glacial Tillites, Geologic History, and Biblical Chronology / Lorence G. Collins. p. 214
Letter : About the “Literal” Interpretation of Genesis Chapters 1 and 2 / David Newquist. p. 215
Letter : What Was Missing / William Wharton. p. 216
Letter : Author Response / Keith B. Miller. p. 216
Letter : An Appreciation / Scott Flaig. p. 216

Editor: James C. Peterson

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