Old Earth or Evolutionary Creation? : Discussing Origins with Reasons to Believe and BioLogos

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Old Earth or Evolutionary Creation? : Discussing Origins with Reasons to Believe and BioLogos / Edited by Kenneth Keathley, J. B. Stump and Joe Aguirre

Publication date: July 2017
InterVarsity Press/IVP Academic
ISBN-10: 0830852921
ISBN-13: 9780830852925
Pages: 256
Price: $16
Series: BioLogos Books on Science and Christianity

Christians confess that God created the heavens and the earth. But they are divided over how God created and whether the Bible gives us a scientifically accurate account of the process of creation.

Representatives of two prominent positions—old earth creation (Reasons to Believe) and evolutionary creation (BioLogos)—have been in dialogue over the past decade to understand where they agree and disagree on key issues in science and theology. This book is the result of those meetings.

Moderated by Southern Baptist seminary professors, the discussion between Reasons to Believe and BioLogos touches on many of the pressing debates in science and faith, including biblical authority, the historicity of Adam and Eve, human genetics and common descent, the problem of natural evil, and methodological naturalism. While both organizations agree that God created the universe billions of years ago, their differences reveal that far more is at stake here than just the age of the earth.

Old Earth or Evolutionary Creation? invites readers to listen in as Christian scholars weigh the evidence, explore the options, and challenge each other on the questions of creation and evolution. In a culture of increasing polarization, this is a model for charitable Christian dialogue.

Additional info:

  • Showcases charitable dialogue in the debate between creation and evolution
  • Features representatives from BioLogos and Reasons to Believe
  • Presents an accessible summary of evolutionary creationism and old-earth creationism
  • Examines the key theological and scientific questions regarding Christianity and science
  • Explores such issues as biblical authority, origin of life, Adam and Eve, human uniqueness, and natural evil

Table of Contents:

Introduction: How Did We Get Here? / Hugh Ross, Deborah Haarsma, and Kenneth Keathley
1. Boundaries: What Views Define Your Organization? /Robert Stewart, Deborah Haarsma, Hugh Ross, and Kenneth Samples
2. Biblical Authority: What Is the Nature of Biblical Authority? / Steve Lemke, John Walton, and Kenneth Samples
3. The Original Couple: What Are the Range of Viable Positions Concerning Adam and Eve? /Ted Cabal, Loren Haarsma, and Kenneth Samples
4. Death, Predation, and Suffering: Is “Natural Evil” Evil? / James Dew, J. B. Stump, and Hugh Ross
5. Divine Action: How Does God Interact with the Natural World? / John Laing, J. B. Stump, and Jeff Zweerink
6. The Scientific Method: Methodological Naturalism or Natural Theology / James Dew, J. B. Stump, and Jeff Zweerink
7. Biological Evolution: What Is It? Does It Explain Life’s History? / Ted Cabal, Darrel Falk, and Fuz Rana
8. The Geological Evidence: What Is the Natural History of the Earth and the Origin of Life? / Robert Stewart, Ralph Stearley, Fuz Rana, and Hugh Ross