Lutheran Science Institute Journal, Winter 2017

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Devotion : Faith Is Reality / Mark Bergemann. p. 4
Please Support This Growing Ministry. p. 7
Evolution Apologetics by the National Academy / Mark Bergemann. p. 8
“We Do Not Know” / Mark Bergemann. p. 23
How Religious Were Neanderthals? / Warren Krug. p. 25
Human or Ape, No In-Between / Mark Bergemann. p. 28
“Evolution Us a Leap of Imagination” / Mark Bergemann. p. 32

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Editor: Mark Bergemann

LSI Journal, Vol. 31 No. 1, Winter 2017, quarterly, free digital, print subscription is $16/year (includes LSI Journal & LSI Bulletin), 32 pages.

Lutheran Science Institute, 13390 W Edgewood Ave, New Berlin, WI 52151

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