How I Changed My Mind About Evolution by Kathryn Applegate and J. B. Stump

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howihangedmymindHow I Changed My Mind About Evolution : Evangelicals Reflect on Faith and Science by Kathryn Applegate & J. B. Stump.

Westmont, IL : IVP Academic, 2016. 204 pages. Price: $16.00 ISBN: 978-0830852901 0830852905

Series: BioLogos Books on Science and Christianity

Expected publication date: June 13, 2016

Summary: Perhaps no topic appears as potentially threatening to evangelicals as evolution. The very idea seems to exclude God from the creation the book of Genesis celebrates.

Yet many evangelicals have come to accept the conclusions of science while still holding to a vigorous belief in God and the Bible. How did they make this journey? How did they come to embrace both evolution and faith?

Here are stories from a community of people who love Jesus and honor the authority of the Bible, but who also agree with what science says about the cosmos, our planet and the life that so abundantly fills it.

Kathryn Applegate (PhD, The Scripps Research Institute) is program director at BioLogos, where she designs and coordinates programs aimed at translating scholarship on origins for the evangelical church. She earned bachelors degrees in biophysics and mathematics at Centenary College and a PhD in computational cell biology from The Scripps Research Institute (La Jolla). At Scripps she developed computer vision algorithms and mathematical models of the cell’s internal scaffold, the cytoskeleton. Kathryn enjoys an active involvement in both the science and faith community and in her church. She and her husband Brent have two young children and love exploring the state parks of Michigan together.

Jim Stump is Senior Editor at BioLogos. As such he oversees the development of new content and curates existing content for the website and print materials. He has a bachelors degree in Science Education (Bethel College, Indiana, 1991) and a masters degree (Northern Illinois University, 1995) and PhD (Boston University, 2000) in Philosophy. Jim was a philosophy professor and academic administrator for 17 years. Now he is the Senior Editor at BioLogos ( He researches and writes in the areas of Christianity, Science, and their intersection. He also frequently speaks to various groups on these topics. Besides these scholarly pursuits, Jim spends time with his wife and three sons, plays guitar, runs marathons, and participates in a local CrossFit exercise club.

Table of contents:
Introduction / Kathryn Applegate and J. B. (Jim) Stump
1. From Culture Wars to Common Witness: A Pilgrimage on Faith and Science / James K. A. Smith
2. Who’s Afraid of Science? / Scot McKnight
3. The Inevitable Conclusion / Ken Fong
4. Learning to Praise God for His Work in Evolution / Deborah Haarsma
5. An Old Testament Professor Celebrates Creation / Tremper Longman III
6. Embracing the Lord of Life / Jeff Hardin
7. Peace / Stephen Ashley Blake
8. Learning the Language of God / Francis S. Collins
9. Faith, Truth and Mystery / Oliver D. Crisp
10. Inspired by an Amazing Universe / Jennifer Wiseman
11. Boiling Kettles and Remodeled Apes / John Ortberg
12. From Intelligent Design to Evolutionary Creation / Dennis R. Venema
13. A Scientist’s Journey to Reflective Christian Faith / Praveen Sethupathy
14. A Fumbling Journey / Dorothy Boorse
15. A Biblically Fulfilled Evolutionary Creationist / J. B. (Jim) Stump
16. A True Read on Reality / Daniel M. Harrell
17. A British Reflection on the Evolution Controversy in America / N. T. Wright
18. Personal Evolution: Reconciling Evolutionary Science and Christianity / Justin L. Barrett
19. The Evolution of an Evolutionary Creationist / Denis O. Lamoureux
20. Learning from the Stars / Laura Truax
21. So, Do You Believe in Evolution? / Rodney J. Scott
22. The Spirit of an Evolving Creation: Surmisings of a Pentecostal Theologian / Amos Yong
23. Two Books + Two Eyes = Four Necessities for Christian Witness / Richard Dahlstrom
24. Finding Rest in Christ, Not in Easy Answers / Kathryn Applegate
25. Safe Spaces / Richard J. Mouw