Daylight: Origins Science for Catholics, December 2018

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The Beautifully Designed Giraffe–No Evidence Evolution. Cover.
Editorial : Doubting Evolution Through Studying Science / Anthony Nevard. p. 1
Fr Peter Edward Lessiter (RIP): A Tribute / Anthony Nevard. p. 4
Man’s Origins / Anthony Michael Fides. p. 7
Haeckel’s Crazy Pedigree of Man. Excerpt from: Evolution, the Stone Book, and the Mosaic Record of Creation / Thomas Cooper. p. 17
Darwinism Is Helpless Against Aristotelian Theology / Tim Williams. p. 22
The Great Debate Revisited / Anthony Nevard. p. 24
The Skeptical Doubts of the Age: How To Solve Them / William Guest. p. 29
From Your Letters. p. 34
Creation & Evolution Talks Now Available on CD (ad). p. 35
Pope Pius XII Christmas Message, December 24, 1953 (extract). p. 37
Drosophila Melanogaster: The Fruit Fly, Hero of Genetics? p. 38

Executive editor: Anthony Nevard.

Daylight : Origins Science for Catholics, No. 61, December 2018, 3 times per year, US: $25, 38 pages.

Daylight Origins Society, 19 Francis Avenue, St. Albans, AL3 6BL, England, Great Britain.

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