Daylight : Origins Science for Catholics, December 2017

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Darwinism Led to “The Worst Journey in the World”. Front Cover.
Editorial : Gnostic and Agnostic Certainties; Darwin Via the Huxleys to the Holloways; Theistic Evolution: a Scientific, Philosophical and Theological Critique / Anthony Nevard. p. 1
ReviewEvolution and Origin Sin by Roger Nesbitt / Anthony Nevard. p. 3
A Key to a New Development of Doctrine? / Hugh Owen. p. 7
Mountains of Facts Fail to Move Faith / Anthony Nevard. p. 22
The Old Testament Poetical. p. 31
Ecclesiastes / Philip Lynch. p. 32
Books Taht Counter Darwinian Evolution. p. 33
Creation, Evolution and Catholicism by Thomas L. McFadden. (book extract). p. 37
Poinsettia pulcherimma. p. 38

Executive editor: Anthony Nevard.

Daylight : Origins Science for Catholics, No. 58, December 2017, 3 times per year, US: $25, 36 pages.

Daylight Origins Society, 19 Francis Avenue, St. Albans, AL3 6BL, England, Great Britain.

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