Creation Update, Autumn 2017

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A Summer of Creation! p. 1
Professor Dawkins Banned. p. 1
Scientist Exhibits Medal-Winning Cycle. p. 1
Creation Geologist Wins Grand Canyon Case. p. 1
Media Watch, p. 2, 4
Creation Moments : He Formed It to Be Inhabited. p. 2
CRT Meetings. p. 2
Editorial : Once Upon a Time… / Geoff Chapman. p. 3
Reclaiming the Rainbow. p. 3
Resource News. p. 4
UK Creation MEGA Conference 2017. p.4
New CRT Leaflet About the Bible. p. 4

Editor: Geoff Chapman.

Creation Update, No. 106, Autumn 2017, quarterly, free by request, 4 pages. Creation Update in world libraries.

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