Creation Research Society Quarterly, Spring 2020

Creation Research Society Quarterly, Spring 2020

Creation Research Society Quarterly, Spring 2020

Creation Research Society Quarterly, Vol. 56, No. 4, Spring 2020, quarterly, $46 (Subscriber), $43 (Voting Regular), $38 ( Voting Senior), for CRS Quarterly and Creation Matters, 80 p. ISSN: 0092-9166
Editor: Tim Clarey

Article : Dating Uncertainties with Thermoluminescence / Larry A. DeWerd. p. 212
Article : A Little Flood Geology, Part III: A False Dilemma / Peter Klevberg. p. 221
Article : Cyclostratigraphy and Astrochronology Part IV: Is the Pre-Pleistocene Sedimentary Record Defined by Orbitally-Forced Cycles? / Michael J. Oard and John K. Reed. p. 234
Article : The Johnnie Oolite: A Remarkable Early Flood Deposit in the Death Valley Region, California, USA / Cornelius Van Wingerden. p. 243.
Letters to the Editor : Thermodynamic Operators: A Proposal / Larry Rinehart. p. 258
Letters to the Editor : Reply to Tomkins et al. / Douglas Ell. p. 259
Letters to the Editor : Reply to Douglas Ell’s Letter to the Editor / David W. Daniels. p. 261
Letters to the Editor : The Marsupial Fossil Record is Not Compelling Evidence for a K-Pg Flood Boundry / Stef Heerema. p. 264
Letters to the Editor : To Those of Evolutionary Bent / Don Dobbins. p. 266
Media Reviews : Extreme Survivors: Animals That Time Forgot by Kimberly Ridley / Jerry Bergman. 267
Media Reviews : Darwinian Eugenics and the Holocaust: American Industrial Involvement by Jerry Bergman / Mark Stewart. p. 268
Media Reviews : Creation Unfolding: A New Perspective on Ex Nihilo by K. P. Coulson / Jake Hebert. p. 269
Instructions to Authors. p. 271
Membership/Subscription Application and Renewal Form. p. 273
Order Blank for Past Issues. p. 274
iDINO II: Investigation of Dinosaur Intact Natural Osteo-tissue. p. 275

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