Creation Magazine, January-March 2019

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Editorial : Aesop’s Fable, Anyone? / Don Batton. p. 6
Focus—creation news and views. p. 7
Medieval Artists Saw Extinct Reptiles: More Evidence / Brian Thomas. p. 12
Shrews Eating Peppers: Not Evolution in Action / Jonathan Sarfati. p. 16
Physicists’ Dark Secret: Fast Stars Have Not Had Time to Fly Apart / John Hartnett. p. 18
Ancient Roman Concrete…Just Like Natural Rock / Jonathan O’Brien. p. 19
Biggest Dinosaur Eggs: Just How Big Were They, and What Are the Implications for the Ark? / Philip Robinson. p. 20
Nuclear Physicist for Creation! Interview with Dr. Heinz Lycklama / Jonathan Sarfati. p. 24
Here’s Good News for the World. p. 27
Bunnies: Cute and Cursed / David Catchpoole. p. 28
Creation for Kids : Dinosaurs: God’s Fantastic Creations! / Erin Hughes and Lita Cosner. p. 32
Psychologist Affirms Creation. Interview with Nathan Marinau. / Lita Cosner. p. 36
Walk Like a Skate? / Philip Bell. p. 39
Tall Tales of the Hippo’s Tail / David Catchpoole. p. 40
Deuternomy: The Creator’s Covenant / Lita Cosner. p. 42
The Myth of Ape-To-Human Evolution / Peter Line. p. 44
‘Oldest’ Biological Colour Discovered / Philip Robinson. p. 47
Is the Big Bang Really Science? / Dominic Statham. p. 48
Dolphin Sonar (Still) Far Better Than Man’s / Jonathan Sarfati. p. 51
Pediments: Rapidly Carved by Channelized Flood Runoff / Michael Oard. p. 52
Plants Are ‘Listening’! / David Catchpoole. p. 56

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Editors: Don Batten, Lita Cosner, Jonathan Sarfati, Tasman Walker.

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