Creation Magazine, January-March 2019

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Creation Magazine, January-March 2019

Creation Magazine, January-March 2019, Vol. 42 No. 1

Feedback. p. 4
Social Media Feedback. p. 5
Editorial : Radicalizing young people / Don Batten. p. 6
Focus : Creation news and views. p. 7
The Sophisticated Neandertal / Lita Cosner and Robert Carter. p. 12
Our created ear / Andy McIntosh. p. 14
Time fears the pyramids? / Gavin Cox. p. 18
Earth’s inner core shouldn’t exist! / Scot Devlin. p. 21
Interview : Putting stones in people’s shoes: Ian and Heather Hartley about creation evangelism in the marketplace / Tas Walker. p. 22
Aquinas didn’t need modern science to defend Genesis / Lita Cosner. p. 26
The wonderful world of bats / Matthew Cserhati. p. 28
Creation for Kids : The universe: A huge place! / Lita Cosner and Jonathan Sarfati. p. 32
Soft tissue preservation in a ‘Jurassic’ ichthyosaur / Philip Robinson. p. 36
Interview : How long can proteins last?: Expert in protein design and ancient fossil chemistry, Dr Brian Thomas / Jonathan Sarfati. p. 38
Cain: The ultimate cautionary tale / Lita Cosner. p. 42
One for all and all for one / Matthew Cserhati. p. 46
Secular scientific problems with the Ice Age / Michael Oard. p. 48
The languages of Babel / Murray Adamthwaite. p. 52
Fantastic far-reaching foxtrot / Philip Robinson. p. 56

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Editors: Don Batten, Lita Cosner, Jonathan Sarfati, Tasman Walker.
Creation, Vol. 42, No. 1, January-March 2019, quarterly, $25 for 4 issues, 56 pages. ISSN: 0819-1530
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