Creation Magazine, January-March 2018

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Editorial : Liberation! / Don Batten. p. 6
Focus—creation news and views. p. 7
Diatoms: Artistry in Miniature / Jonathan O’Brian. p. 13
The Remarkable Captain Robert FitzRoy: Pioneer of Weather Forecasting / Nicos Kaloyirou. p. 14
Preaching the Gospel in Zambia. Interview with Dr. Conrad Mbewe / Lita Cosner. p. 18
Seabed Circles ‘Whodunnit?’: Solved / David Catchpoole. p. 21
How Did the Solar System Form? / John Hartnett. p. 22
God’s Detangling Motors: The Topoisomerase Enzymes / Jonathan Sarfati. p. 24
Tardigrades Too Tough for Evolution / David Catchpoole. p. 27
The Blue Whale / Jeffrey Dykes. p. 28
Microstructural Architecture of Feathers Makes Them Tough / Jonathan Sarfati. p. 32
Creation for Kids : Motors in the Cell / Erin Hughes and Lita Cosner. p. 34
Eclipses / Lita Cosner. p. 38
Science Reinforces Faith in God. Interview with Dr. Natalie Bennett / Don Batten. p. 40
The Vredefort Dome, South Africa / Tas Walker. p. 44
Sulfur Bacteria Stasis: “The Greatest Absence of Evolution Ever Reported” / David Catchpoole. p. 48
Life Imprisonment For Feeble-Mindedness?: The Tragic Story of Emma Wolverton / Lita Cosner. p. 50
The Pinnacle of Creation / Robert Gurney. p. 52
Lizard Skin Inspires Lubricant-Free Slipperiness / David Catchpoole. p. 55
Peacock ‘Eyes’ That Hypnotize / David Catchpoole. p. 56.

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Editors: Don Batten, Lita Cosner, Jonathan Sarfati, Tasman Walker.

Creation, Vol. 40, No. 1, January-March, 2018, quarterly, $25 for 4 issues, 56 pages. ISSN: 0819-1530

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