Creation Club, May-June 2020

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Creation Club, May-June 2020

Creation Club, May-June 2020

From the President’s Desk / David Rives. p. 2
Mount St. Helens & Rapid Geology / David Rives. p. 4
Play in the Dirt, It’s Good for You! / Jay Wile. p. 5
Genesis Science Network; Creation in the 21st Century with David Rives; Skywatch (ads). p. 6
Was Jesus a Young Earth Creationists? / Lindsay Harold. p. 7
The Creation Superstore (ad) pgs. 8-9
The Duck-Bill Platypus — Engineered, Not Evolved! / J. D. Mitchell. p. 10
Ten-Year Old Rocks…Dated at 2.4 Million Years?!? / David Rives. p. 11
The Creation Club: A Place for Biblical Creationists To Share & Learn : Fossils That Don’t Cooperate With Deep Time / D. S. Casuey. p. 12
How Does a Cactus Function Without Leaves? / Doug Velting. p. 14
How To Wash Your Hands / David Rives. p. 16

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