Creation Club, July-August 2020

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Creation Club, July-August 2020

Creation Club, July-August 2020

The Creation Club, July-August 2020, bi-monthly, 16 pages, free.

Editor: Cheri Fields

From the President’s Desk / David Rives. p. 2
Castor and Pollux, the Twins of Acts 28 / David Rives. p. 4
Habitable Exo-Planets to Date: Zero / Jay Wile. p. 5
David Rives Ministries Outreaches. p. 6
The Creation Superstore (ad) pgs. 8-9
Solar Winds and Life on Mars / Russ Miller. p. 10
Wound Up Galaxies Wind Down / David Rives. p. 11
The Creation Club: A Place for Biblical Creationists To Share & Learn : The Unique Atmosphere of Venus / David Rives. p. 12
The Big Bang: Ulterior Motives for Dark Matter and Dark Energy / Mike Finkbeiner. p. 14
Evolution in Universities / David Rives. p. 16

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