Creation Club, December 2019

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The Creation Club, December 2019

The Creation Club, December 2019

From the President’s Desk / David Rives. p. 2
A Decaptiated Demon and Lunar Eclipses? / David Rives. p. 4
Genesis Science Network; Creation in the 21st Century with David Rives; Skywatch (ads). p. 6
Extraordinary Everyday Water / J. D. Mitchell. p. 7
The Creation Superstore (ad) pgs. 8-9
Science in the News : Pterosaurs Poop Like Flamingos?; How Did Mosasaurs Swim? p. 10
Creation Art. p. 11
Creation Word Scramble. p. 11
The Creation Club: A Place for Biblical Creationists To Share & Learn : The Wonder of Soil / Doug Velting. p. 12
Is “Science” Holding Back Real Science? / Jay Wile. p. 14
Lunar Eclipses and the Shape of the Earth / David Rives. p. 16

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The Creation Club, December 2019, 16 pages, free.
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