Awesome Article at AiG’s New Online “Answers Research Journal”

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Answers in Genesis’ new online technical journal, Answers Research Journal, went live this month. Drs Georgia Purdom and Joseph W. Francis report on the Microbe Forum held at Answers in Genesis headquarters on June 26–29, 2007. Dr Andrew Snelling, ARJ editor-in-chief, has an article on “Catastrophic Granite Formation: Rapid Melting of Source Rocks, and Rapid Magma Intrusion and Cooling”. And, Dr. Alan L. Gillen, from Liberty University, wrote on “Microbes and the Days of Creation”. All articles are available as .pdf downloads, while only two are currently available as .html documents. The purpose of ARJ:

Answers in Genesis is excited to announce the launch of its online technical journal, Answers Research Journal. ARJ is a professional, peer-reviewed technical journal for the publication of interdisciplinary scientific and other relevant research from the perspective of the recent Creation and the global Flood within a biblical framework. All published papers may be freely copied, downloaded, quoted, and distributed for non-commercial and non-sale purposes …

Response to the January launch has been interesting to say the least. As of Jan. 26, running a search on Google for “Answers Research Journal” gives 170 results (minus duplicates). Buried in these results you will find two notices of ARJ on, home of the prestigious British science magazine, Nature. The first mention was posted by a Nature Neuroscience associate editor, Noah Gray: CALL FOR CREATIONIST PAPERS: at the Answers Research Journal on Action Potential., the Nature Neuroscience blog The second mention is in the Nature News section and also appears in the January 28 print edition of Nature: Creationists launch ‘science’ journal. One can only imagine the invectives Nature and these authors will get from evolutionists fuming over the free advertising given to Answers Research Journal!

Now, of course, we’d be remiss for not mentioning some of the dumber screeds from the pro-evolution blogging community. Top prize for Open Mouth, Insert Foot goes to Evelyn Is Not Real at Ray Bradbury’s Love-Camel blog for ‘Peer-Reviewed’ Christian Scientific Research Journal. In a rather brilliant piece of analysis, ‘Evelyn Is Not Real’ (ironically, this is the name of a song from a Louisville, KY band … just down the road from Answers in Genesis) is particularly bent out of shape over Alan Gillen’s use of the word ‘awesome’ in his ARJ article:

Being the curious, inquisitive scientist that I am, I mosied on over to the website and downloaded a free article. I really was somewhat curious to see how ‘scientific’ it would be. I downloaded ‘Microbes and the Days of Creation.’


I would have to say that the paragraph entitled ‘The Master Craftsman’ takes the cake. I wonder if I could get away with using the word ‘awesome’ in my next discussion section of a manuscript?

Take an example from the paper:

“The Almighty did some of His most awesome work in the first six days of the planet’s existence.”-ARJ, 2007, p. 10.

So maybe I should try something like “The transcriptional E-box repressor, Snail, did some of its most awesome repression of E-cadherin in the earliest stages of cellular development.”

Well. That’s interesting. True scientists don’t use the word “awesome” in their publications. NOT! “Evelyn,” aka Michael Buckland from Vanderbilt University Medical Center, needs to improve his research skills before he completes his post-doctoral work. Mike, try running a search on the Nature website for “awesome”:

Search results for: awesome
Results 1 -10 of 194
You have searched for “awesome” – all of the words ,in Nature

Take out book reviews, news, and a few other categories, and there’s still quite a few papers using “awesome.”