Answers Update, March 2017

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Can We Trust the Media? / Ken Ham. p. 1
AiG and the Media. p. 2
CreationWise (cartoon strip) / Dan Lietha. p. 2
Ark Encounter : Help Me Understand: Was God Just?; Joeys At the Ararat Ridge Zoo!; Family Dining at Emzara’s; Hotels and Lodging. p. 3
Creation Museum : Who’s Your Brother?; Stargazer’s Night; Fossil Hunt; Walk in the Light. p. 5
New Items for Spring! (ads) p. 7
British to Invade the Creation Museum! p. 14
Events. p. 14
More Answers. p. 15
Blended Gifts. p. 15
Ark Misconceptions. p. 16

Editors: Mark Looy, Gary Vaterlaus, and Dale Mason.

Answers Update, Vol. 24 No. 3, March 2017, monthly, free, 16 pages.

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