Answers Update, February 2017

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Atheism is Religion / Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge. p. 1
CreationWise (cartoon strip) / Dan Lietha. p. 2
Ark Encounter : Help Me Understand: Is God Cruel?; Equine Excitement at the Ark; Overnight Adventures. p. 3
Creation Museum : What Difference Does It Make?; Heavens Declare Tour; Evolution, Not a Chance!; Answers for Kids–Monkey Business! p. 5
Midwinter Specials (ads) p. 7
Prayer and Praise Points; Creation News. p. 12
AiG to Receive Prestigious Award. p. 13
Impacted Pastors 8000 Miles Away! p. 13
Defend Your Faith! p. 14
Events. p. 14
Solid Answers; The Genesis Legacy Society. p. 15
Marriage–Designed by God! p. 16

Editors: Mark Looy, Gary Vaterlaus, and Dale Mason.

Answers Update, Vol. 24 No. 2, February 2017, monthly, free, 16 pages.

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