Answers Magazine, July-August 2017

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Publisher’s Pen : That Really, Really Big Hole in the Ground / Dale Mason. p. 10
In the Beginning : Coping with Criticism / Ken Ham. p. 12
Let There Be Truth (cartoon strip) / Dan Lietha. p. 13
Creation Basics : The Longest Week Ever? / Tim Chaffey. p. 15
Creation Basics : Why Is Creation Such a Big Deal? p. 17
Creation On Display : Decked Out for the Desert / Gordon Wilson. p. 19
Creation On Display : Every Tail Has a Tale. p. 22
Creation On Display : Earthworms. p. 24
Science in Perspectives : South America’s Overgrown Garden; Wasps Teach Drones to Fly, Giant Dinosaurs’ Zigzag Bones; Neanderthal Medicine, Dr. Fraud; Darkness Falls Across the Nation. p. 27
Science in Perspectives : How To Solve a Monster Mystery / Neal Doran. p. 33
Science in Perspectives : Is Improbability the Best Argument Against Evolution? / Ron Tagliopietra. p. 38
Science in Perspectives : Slow Processes Over a Long Time? p. 40
Bible and Culture : Evangelism on the Decline; A Church Without God; River Rights, The Crime of Preaching…in Britain? p. 45
Bible and Culture : Bringing Clarity to a Confused World / Owen Strachan. p. 48
Bible and Culture : Should We Update God’s Design? / Dennis Sullivan. p. 48
Grand Canyon: Nine Days Below the Rim / Mike Matthews and Chris Neville. p. 50
Avian Acrobats of the Americas / Tom Hennigan. p. 70
Is This Science? / Heather Brinson Bruce. p. 78
Speak Up : The Value of the Fictional Noah. p. 84
Creation Every Day : My Lap Cat. p. 82

Includes: 8 page Kids Answers : Hummingbird–Big Things. Tiny Packages! foldout, Vol. 12, No. 4, July-August 2017.

Editor in Chief: Michael Matthews; Executive Editor: Doug Rumminger.

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