"Answers in Genesis: Reason’s Assassins & Why Darwin Is Your Savior" Lecture

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Miami University (Ohio) Professor Nicholas P. Money (mycology) is presenting the above lecture this Tuesday afternoon, March 27, at 5 pm in Alumni Hall 001, on the Oxford, Ohio campus. Sponsored by the Miami University Department of Comparative Religion and the Comparative Religion Student Association the meeting is free and will include a Q&A.

From the announcement:

Join us for a presentation by Dr. Nicholas Money, Professor of Botany at Miami University. He will be addressing why religious groups such as Answers in Genesis® and the majority of scientists view the theory of evolution so differently as a force within society. There will be time for discussion following the lecture.

Here’s the poster advertising this lecture:

Money's AiG Lecture

While the topic description seems reasonable enough, the title, and especially the poster, suggest this will be a rather inflammatory talk! A reviewer on Amazon describes Money as:

…the Steven Jay Gould of mycology, the Richard Dawkins of the fungi, …

Apparently Money may have been upset about a survey of Miami University students in which 22 percent were favorable to including “teaching intelligent design alongside evolution in science classes.” Miami University has been a hot bed of anti-creationist/anti-ID activity. Geologist and long-time opponent of creationists, Steven Schafersman, taught at Miami University for many years. His humanist credentials are impeccable — the atheist website, Infidels, proudly displays his many secular ‘affiliations’ with only minimum reference to his science background. Numerous Miami University faculty members were involved in opposing a change in Ohio science standards, including the former President of the University, James Garland.