Acts and Facts, April 2019

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Acts & Facts, May 2019From the Editor : Asking Questions to Point Out Creation Truth / Jayme Durant. p. 4
Toppling Ten Fake Facts That Prop Evolution / Brian Thomas. p. 5
Events : May/June. p. 8
Research : Rocks Reveal the End of the Flood / Tim Clarey. p. 9
Impact : Six Biological Evidences for a Young Earth / Jeffrey P. Tomkins. p. 10
Back to Genesis : Mongolia, Montana, and My Bible / Brian Thomas. p. 13
Back to Genesis : Scientific and Biblical Truth Converge for Gopher Wood / Jeffrey P. Tomkins and James J. S. Johnson. p. 14
ICR Discovery Center Update. p. 16
Engineered Adaptability : Blockchain-Like Process May Produce Adaptive Traits / Phil B. Gaskill and Randy J. Guliuzza. p. 17
Creation Q&A : Does Biblical Creation Help Us Glorify God? / Brian Thomas. p. 20
Apologetics : The Circle of the Earth / James J. S. Johnson. p. 21
Stewardship : Stewardship, Science, and Sharing Evidence / Henry M. Morris, IV. p. 22
Letters to the Editor. p. 23

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Executive editor: Jayme Durant
Acts & Facts, Vol. 48, No. 5, May 2019, monthly, free. 24 pages. ISSN: 1094-8562
Institute for Creation Research, PO Box 59029, Dallas, TX 75229
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