Journal of Creation, April 2019

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Perspective : More evidence for the reality of genetic entropy—update / Robert W. Carter. p. 3
Perspective : Yedomas show one ice age / Michael J. Oard. p. 5
Perspective : Breccia pipes in the Grand Canyon change our understanding of its origin / W. R. Barnhart. p. 8
Perspective : Oumuamua—what is it? / Wayne Spencer. p. 11
Perspective : The origin of laminae in shales / Michael J. Oard. p. 14
Perspective : Long-distance transport of sediments / Michael J. Oard. p. 15
Book Review : Is there purpose in evolution? (Is there Purpose in Biology: The cost of existence and the God of love by Denis Alexander) / by Philip Bell. p. 18
Book Review : New book offers comprehensive critique of theistic evolution: (Theistic Evolution: A scienti?c, philosophical, and theological critique edited by J.P. Moreland, Stephen C. Meyer, Christopher Shaw, Ann K. Gauger, and Wayne Grudem) / Lita Cosner. p. 23
Book Review : A global anti-Christian totalitarian threat: (The Global Sexual Revolution: Destruction of freedom in the name of freedom by Gabriele Kuby) / John Loiterton. p. 26
Book Review : Debating origins: (Four Views on Creation, Evolution and Intelligent Design edited by J.B. Stump) / Shaun Doyle. p. 30
Book Review : The war on truth: (The War on Science by Shawn Otto) / Andrew Kulikovsky. p. 35
Book Review : One-sided discussion of theistic evolution: (Faith and Fossils: The Bible, creation, and evolution by Lester Grabbe) / Lita Cosner. p. 42
Book Review : Field of evolutionary psychology explains why theistic evolution and Darwinism are incompatible: Darwin, God and the Meaning of Life: How evolutionary theory undermines everything you thought you knew of life by Steve Stewart-Williams) / Benno A. Zuiddam. p. 44
Letter : Megasequences and the floating forest hypothesis: parts 1 and 2 / Barry Lee Woolley. Reply by: Timothy L. Clarey. p. 48
Countering the Critics : The poor design claim of the human birth canal examined / Jerry Bergman. p. 52
Viewpoint : Four chronological periods / David Austin. p. 57
Viewpoint : Flood processes into the late Cenozoic: part 6—climatic and other evidence / Michael J. Oard. p. 63
Paper : New cosmologies converge on the ASC model—a review of two cosmology papers presented at the International Conference on Creationism in 2018 / John G. Hartnett. p. 71
Paper : Critique of the latest evolutionary models of the beginning of life / Matthew Cserhati and Adrian Chira. p. 78
Paper : Deep time in 18th-century France—part 1: a developing belief / Andrew Sibley. p. 85
Paper : Deep time in 18th century France—part 2: in?uence upon geology and evolution in 18th and 19th century Britain / Andrew Sibley. p. 93
Paper : Have uniformitarians rescued the ‘Pacemaker of the Ice Ages’ paper? / Jake Hebert. p. 102
Paper : Patriarchal drive in the early post-Flood population/ Robert W. Carter. p. 110
Essay : The egg—irreducible complexity of creation’s perfect package / Jerry Bergman. p. 119
Essay : Blood test used to prove evolution fails / Jerry Bergman. p. 125

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