Daylight: Origins Science for Catholics, April 2019

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Electro-reception–Detecting Electric Stimuli. Cover.
Editorial : Questions of Rhetoric and Logic; Monotreme Mysteries; Copernicus as Catholic Scientist; Paul Ellwanger, R.I.P.; Fr Peter Fehlner, R.I.P. / Anthony Nevard. p. 1
Introduction to Mr. Elmendorf’s “Logical Fallacies” / Paul Haigh. p. 3
Logic Fallacies / R. G. Elmendorf. p. 4
Afterword by Paula Haigh. p. 15
The Duckbill–A Living Victorian Paradox / Rev. J. G. Wood. p. 18
Postscript on the Playtypus / Anthony Nevard. p. 23
Copernicus and His Times / James J. Walsh. p. 26
Giants / James Lynch. p. 35
Some Quotations from the Eastertide Liturgy. p. 37
Mysteries of the Marsupiala. p. 38

Executive editor: Anthony Nevard.

Daylight : Origins Science for Catholics, No. 62, April 2019, 3 times per year, US: $25, 38 pages.

Daylight Origins Society, 19 Francis Avenue, St. Albans, AL3 6BL, England, Great Britain.

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