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Geoscience Newsletter, October 2015

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Table of contents: GRI News : General Conference Booth; Faith, Science and Southern Africa. p. 1. New Eduational Materials : Books on Biblical Creation; Design in Sea Creatures. p. 1…. Read more »


Answers Magazine, January-March 2016

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Table of contents: Publisher’s Pen : Everything Changed / Dale Mason. p. 8. Readers Respond. p. 9. Perspective : Looking At Science and Culture From a Biblical Perspective. p. 11…. Read more »


Creation Bulletin, January 2016

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Table of contents: Meeting Announcement : Did the Sun Really Stand Still? / Ross Olson. p. 1. Coming Up… p. 1. Science Fair West of Metro. p. 1. Election This… Read more »


Creation Matters, Nov/Dec 2015

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Table of contents: Math Matters : Leonhard Euler: Mathematical Beauty / Don DeYoung. p. 2. Matters of Fact : Are error-prone polymerases a result of genomic decay since the fall?… Read more »