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Creation Matters, May-June 2018

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Interdisciplinary Contradictions in Evolutionary Theory / David Woetzel. p. 1 Current CRS-Sponsored Research Projects / Eugene Chaffin. p. 1 Math Matters : Music of the Spheres / Don DeYoung. p…. Read more »


Creation Matters, March-April 2018

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Biomaterial from Dinosaur Fossils: Implications and Challenges, Part 2 / Kevin Anderson. p. 1 Math Matters : Phyllotaxis / Don DeYoung. p. 2 Speaking of Science from the Creation-Evolution Headlines… Read more »


Geoscience Newsletter, July 2018

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GRI News : Bolivian Adventist University Opens New GRI Resource Center; New GRI Branch Office Director for South America; Montemorelos University Hosts Creation Weekend; Teachers’ Meetings in Ecuador. p. 1… Read more »