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Specter of the Past

A Jewish (Israeli) Solution to Creation vs Evolution

Genesis in the classroom by David Benkof Jerusalem Post (Israel), p. 16 November 27, 2008 Evolution and creation rely on two different knowledge disciplines

The creation/evolution debate in the United States has pitted traditionalists (including many Orthodox Jews) against those who embrace the separation of church and state (including many liberal Jews). But there is […]

A Different View of the London Natural History Museum Darwin Exhibit

Exhibit reveals Darwin as reluctant evolutionary by Mitch Potter Toronto Star (Canada), p. A2 November 23, 2008

Origin of Species writer tormented by findings Christian thought is still trying to reconcile

LONDON— Wandering through this biggest-ever reappraisal of Charles Darwin, you do not get a sense that here lies the enemy of God.

A […]

Texas Anti-Creation Group Surveys Pro-Evolution Professors

Another phony “study” conducted by an anti-creation/ID activist group, the Texas Freedom Network. To be fair, they are also against all religious organizations except those endorsing evolution…


Most Texas profs support no limits on evolution teaching By Gary Scharrer Houston Chronicle, p. B1 November 18 2008

The verdict from Texas scientists is nearly unanimous: […]

Time To Expell the Big Government Ben Stein

In the documentary, Expelled : No Intelligence Allowed, Ben Stein uses the phrase “BIG Science” to great effect:

All over the world, Big Science is on the march, making sure that Neo-Darwinian Materialist Theory is protected, and that any challenges and challengers are dealt with…properly.

It’s pretty cute and a rather good 60 second sound […]

A Review of the Natural History Museum’s Darwin Exhibit

While Observer writer, Robin McKie, teased readers with a purported review of the new Darwin Bicentennial exhibit at the Natural History Museum in London, her real intent seemed be another “save the species” (i.e, the planet) call for action.

Of course, political correctness gone wild is not limited to pop science writers. The same […]