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Specter of the Past

Even Atheists Get No Respect!

It’s no wonder evangelical atheists need to shout so loud by Barry Cooper Calgary Herald (Canada), August 27, 2008 p. A16 (editorial) The shining example of free thinking said to characterize the French Enlightenment was Voltaire. In the face of dogmatic clerics, both Protestant and Catholic, he urged reasonable people everywhere to “crush the […]

Seattle Atheist Buys Billboard Space

Touting freedom of “no religion” by Janet I. Tu (Seattle Times religion reporter) Seattle Times, August 27, 2008 p. B1

A Redmond man paid for the sign in Seattle to get people thinking. It’s drawn support here, unlike similar signs in other cities.

Putting up a billboard saying “Imagine No Religion” at the base […]

Pileated Woodpeckers Invade Backyard!

Earlier this summer my wife and I were treated to the sight of these two young male pileated woodpeckers circling the base of a tree in our backyard. We watched for about 15 minutes as they circled back and forth with an occasional display of outstretched wings! We’ve now seen the six species of woodpeckers […]

Florida Teacher Blends Bad Science With Ridicule

Once again the New York Times publishes a hit piece on creation and the faith of Christian students. This time, they enlist the aid of Florida high school biology teacher, David Campbell. Campbell reveals his bigotry in the closing comments:

“ We also failed to include astrology, alchemy and the concept of the moon being […]

Rev Michael Dowd Preaches ‘There Is No God But Evolution’

Science and religion can go hand in hand by Renee K. Gadoua (Religion News Service) Leader-Post (Canada), August 23, 2008 p. G7

The Rev. Michael Dowd’s Dodge Sprinter van bears an image of kissing fish. The fish, labelled “Darwin” and “Jesus,” reflect his belief that evolution is sacred and that science and religion go hand […]