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Presidential Candidate Obama and the Creation vs. Evolution Controversy

Genesis of a problem Herald Sun (Australia), page 25 April 17, 2008 COMEDIAN Bill Cosby always maintained on his TV shows that it was children who say the ‘‘darndest things’’.

I’d back politicians over kids any day. Especially during election campaigns.

US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was asked what he would tell his daughters […]

And the Campaign Against “Expelled” Picks Up Steam!

Creative writhing by Kyle Smith New York Post, page 56 April 17, 2008 IS intelligent design a legitimate topic for discussion on the science faculties, or merely a hidden pocket to sneak creationism into the classroom? Ben Stein — best known as the comic actor who played Ferris Bueller’s teacher, but also a lawyer, author […]

Discovery Institute’s Bruce Chapman Defends “Expelled” Film

An intelligent discussion about life by Bruce Chapman (Special to The Times) Seattle Times, page B9 April 17, 2008 EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed” is a trenchant new film by actor/economist Ben Stein, the man first made famous in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” He’s now tackling with humorous dudgeon the classic example of ideological science, Darwinian […]

Dawkins vs the Rabbi

The debate Richard Dawkins chose to forget by Shmuley Boteach Jerusalem Post (Israel), page 14 April 14, 2008

A friend recently called my attention to the official Web site of Richard Dawkins, the world’s most famous atheist, where, as a way of assailing me, he denied having ever debated me. “Boteach organized debates, with […]

Ben Stein’s Expelled Film Shown to Missouri State Legislature

Actor holds special viewing of film for state lawmakers by Kit Wagar and Jason Noble The Kansas City Star, page B2 April 14 2008

Ben Stein pitches his new documentary, which questions gaps in the theory of evolution.

A bit of Hollywood’s right wing came to Missouri last week as Ben […]